Volunteer to Build a Hospital

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Volunteer to Build a Hospital
Logo of Volunteer to Build a Hospital
Country Flag-Canada.jpg Canada
HeadQuarters New Brunswick
Parent NB Pride
Licenses Canada
Founded day 755
Quality Q3
Industry Construction
Product Hospital

Volunteer to Build a Hospital (also known as VBH) is the company established by NB Pride to build a hospital in New Brunswick, Canada.

The company was chartered on Day 755. Its first employee was Beaverbrook and the person to drive the first nail in its construction was Jarakc.

The company is one of a number in the eworld which benefits from paid volunteers. Employees work for the company and receive the benefits of training, recognition, in-kind gifts, and other employee bonuses, but their salary is generally well below that offered elsewhere in the job market. As such, the effort to construct the hospital under the direction of VBH represents an altruistic effort of players who have placed verisimilitude and good works ahead of optimum personal advancement.

VBH used wood forested from New Brunswick and donated by Canadian Freedom Wood, another subsidiary of NB Pride.

Although the original plans for construction called for almost three months for completion, a Q3 hospital was completed in 5 weeks, and went operational on Day 813.

The effect of a Q3 hospital was debated, but early longitudinal studies showed sharp rises in population numbers, levels, and health amongst the eNB population. As such, the project has been claimed to generally refute the "fortress theory" of national development.

VBH maintains an exterior website which documents the characters who constructed the Q3 at http://ezbridge.bravehost.com/vbh.htm

The stated goals of the NB Pride movement are to build and place a Q5 hospital in New Brunswick. However, since the placement of the Q3 hospital, the rules surrounding hospitals have changed, such that they no longer provide an economic benefit. NB Pride has subsequently discontinued work on the project, although Rigour6 has been seen occasionally driving in nails or raising scaffolding like a modern-day Noah.

The original Q3 hospital was taken over by government after the V2 changes. Accordingly, it is now sidely believed (but not confirmed) that the hospital itself was destroyed by Rolo Tahmassee as part of his rage-theft following his impeachment as Country President in the Project Mayhem Affair.