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This has now been superceeded by CCCP Launcher


A quick explanation of what this is. This is not an automated script that votes articles for you. This is just a batch file that loads several instances of firefox at once so you can interact with all of your orgs at one time. The script also allows you to define the starting page at runtime so all the browsers can start on a specific page, for example an article, hence the name voting machine. There is no erepublik rule breaking involved.

Create a firefox profile for each org

Close firefox and start it up with the -P switch:


C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe -P

This will start firefox up with the profile management window.


Create a profile for each organisation.

It is best to load up each one and login. Setting as the homepage is also not a bad idea.

Create a batch file to load the browsers

Create a new text file anywhere on your computer. Rename it to something like orgs.bat and paste the following into it.

set INPUT=
set /P INPUT=Type input: %=%
start /d "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox" firefox.exe -no-remote -P "Kumnaa" %INPUT%
choice /c 1 /d 1 /t 5 > nul
start /d "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox" firefox.exe -no-remote -P "Ape Corp" %INPUT%
choice /c 1 /d 1 /t 5 > nul
start /d "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox" firefox.exe -no-remote -P "Ape Ireland" %INPUT%
choice /c 1 /d 1 /t 5 > nul
start /d "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox" firefox.exe -no-remote -P "Ape Europe" %INPUT%

Note: 'choice /c 1 /d 1 /t 5 > nul' is a Vista replacement for 'sleep 5'. Feel free to use sleep if your using XP or below.

This file take input at the start. If you don't enter anything it will load the homepage as normal. If you paste an url it will load the browser on that page.


set INPUT=
set /P INPUT=Type input: %=%

Creates an input prompt so the browser started on a specific page (pressing enter just loads the default page)

start /d "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox" firefox.exe -no-remote -P "Ape Corp" %INPUT%

Starts firefox using the "Ape Corp" profile and using the optional url given as input. Change "Ape Corp" to the name of one of the profiles you created.

choice /c 1 /d 1 /t 5 > nul

This is an optional 5 second pause. The line can be removed but the delay might save your machine from a bit of heat if you are opening several browsers.

Thats it! I'd recommend keeping each batch file to less than 15 orgs or your machine will crawl like the erep servers of old!


When the batch file is double clicked a window like this appears


If you just want to open the browsers on the default homepage simply press enter and they'll start loading.

If you want to paste an url for them to load, right click on the title bar, select Edit and click Paste.


The browsers will then start opening on that page.