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Sto smo ukrali ukrali smo... sto nismo ukrascemo!!!

General Information
Country Flag-Serbia.jpg Serbia
Region Belgrade
Commanded by Konstruktivac
Part of Serbian Special Forces

Vukovi is one of the strongest military units in the Serbia.

To join this military unit, you need an invitation from the unit Commander.

Members of Vukovi were some of the most popular and richest Serbian politicians, including cowboy_from_hell, desert hamster, leop and purebg.

Merging with SSF

In the beginning of 2014, other SSF units (Front of Heroes, Guardian Angels and White Eagles) entered Vukovi ingame unit, so the whole formation is now ingame in one unit. They have since won first place at national weekly leaderboards each week. This is only ingame, every unit kept its avatars and separate IRC channels.