Wandering Rian

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Wandering Rian

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Nationality Flag-Ireland.jpg Irish
Date of birth January 13, 2010
Date of death Unknown
Residence Dublin
Political party Eire Aontaithe
Party President of Eire Aontaithe
February 2010 –
Preceded by The Irish Republican Party
Succeeded by Desarae
April 2010 –
Preceded by Desarae
Succeeded by Desarae
Military rank Icon rank Captain.png Captain
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Wandering Rian was a citizen of Ireland, and the revisionary of The Irish Republican Party into Eire Aontaithe. He was the two time president of the party he created and in his time active he was a well respected visionary, beloved story writer, and a political force.

Personal History

Wandering Rian joined the game on January 13, 2010. During his first months Wandering Rian wrote a short novel called "Chasing the Stolen Bride"[1]. Chasing the Stolen Bride was enjoyed by many, and as one of just a few writers of this sort in Ireland, Wandering Rian qualifies as one of eIreland's great Irish novelists and storytellers.

Political History

Wandering Rian was the revisionary who turned The Irish Republican Party into Eire Aontaithe. He changed the name and image of the party, and created a new political force that would later claim one of it's own members as president of Ireland some months later.

Foundation of Eire Aontaithe

Eire Aontaithe was established as the predecessor of the Irish Republican Party by Wandering Rian, as was formally announced on day 819 in an article called "A new name, a step forward, a new beginning". [2]

In the first days of the new party, Wandering Rian openly told readers that he was not basing the party off of strong policy views. [3] The party was created with the intent of being an alternative to a political landscape which Wandering Rian described as "an elementary school playground". In the early days the parties core was a group of friends which Wandering Rian described as "...a professional comedian, a grunting guy from Michigan, a cute Romanian, a Greek Orthodox Priest, a soon-to-be doctor, and a schoolteacher." [4] The only policy statement that was initially made was that Eire Aontaithe would operate under open transparency, and not hide anything from the public.


Whispers to Mary was Wandering Rian's newspaper which she used to publish various public messages, stories, and party updates.