WikiTerrorist Attack of 1/24/09

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The WikiTerrorist Attack of 1/24/09 refers to the actions taken by Vincent DeCavalcante who deleted the content of 51 articles from the Wiki.

He did this as:

 an assault on the gathered historical information of the Imperialist Regimes of eRepublik. It's aim was to demoralize these imperial states, and put them in a state of disarray for as long as possible. It was conducted by the Front for the Liberation of eRepublik 

The intended disarray lasted only seconds. Information was quickly returned by fellow Wiki users equilibrium1907 and Isy. The offender was permanently blocked from the Wiki and the citizen received 3 Forfeit points.

Monument of Brave Contributors


As a reminder of the event, the World Court unveiled the Monument of Brave Contributors in the honour of the humble souls that ran to repair the damage, equilibrium1907 and Isy. Forever, their names will be inscribed on the monument to honour their contribution to truth and the Wiki Community, and to warn other possible vandals.