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Nationality Flag-Venezuela.jpg Venezuelan
Date of birth August 4, 2009
Date of death Nov 2009
Residence North Eastern Venezuela
Sex Male
Party president of La libertad de Venezuela
16 August 2009 – 15 October 2009
Preceded by aldokrasuljak
Succeeded by MuscleRoller
Congress member of North Eastern Venezuela
26 August 2009 – 25 November 2009
Served under La libertad de Venezuela
Military rank Icon rank Major*.png Major*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Wilkommen was a citizen of Venezuela. He joined during a mass increase of population in Venezuela that occurred in the beginning of August 2009. This sudden rise in population meant that jobs were difficult to come by. Wilkommen was lucky enough to start a business, GoombaGifts, opening up skill 0 jobs for the high influx of new citizens.

Getting political

These new citizens struggled to find employment, as there were not enough jobs for skill 0 players. The government was struggling, so a group of citizens banded together to help these people in their time of need. These same group of people also felt that they needed a voice in government. Unable to afford their own political party, they decided on joining Venezuela Freedom, as it was inactive and not a part of the Venezuelan government. Wilkommen ran unopposed and became president of Venezuela Freedom. He brought with him changes. The party became La libertad de Venezuela, to suit the Spanish speaking nation.

Congressional elections

La libertad de Venezuela went on to become the biggest political party in Venezuela, and claimed 15 seats (later 14) in their first Congressional elections. The congressional elections dawned, and La libertad de Venezuela had become the biggest political party in Venezuela. Change was promised. LV won 36% of congressional seats. Wilkommen himself won a congress seat in North Eastern Venezuela.

The Infamous Handshake

With the September presidential elections a week away, Wilkommen struck a deal with Lucios Nava, the president of Primero Venezuela at the time. Lucios had run for presidency many times before, but had never won, losing many elections by a close margin. Lucios Nava and LV formed a coalition and on the 5th of September, 2009, Lucios Nava was elected President of Venezuela. While appointing his cabinet, Lucios Nava appointed Wilkommen as the official advisor to the President of Venezuela, a title Wilkommen held proudly.

The fall of Lucios

Lucios Nava wasn't very liked by Venezuelans. Every mistake made by Lucios affected Venezuela in a bad way. His presidential term was barely days old, but the pressure was clearly getting to him. Lucios ignored the advice from his ministers and his advisor Wilkommen. Lucios began making hasty proposals and became very erratic. He gradually lost the few support from the people of Venezuela and eventually agreed to step down from the presidency. Wilkommen was quick to side with the other Venezuelan political parties, as he came to the realisation that proposing Lucios was a bad thing. Lucios was impeached on Wednesday the 16th of September. A governing board was set up to control Venezuela until the next presidential election. Wilkommen was appointed to be part of this governing board.

Other endeavours

During his early days, before becoming president of LV, Wilkommen was an entrepreneur. He saw citizens who needed jobs, and wanted to help. Wilkommen took over a grain company called Borlaug UltraWheat, and offered jobs to new players. This meant that the company was unable to profit early, but eventually his workers started to produce a profit. With more funds available, Wilkommen started a gift company called GoombaGifts. He focused his job offers on both new players and recently joined players who had some skill advancement.


Wilkommen was the victim of a long political smear campaign while leader of LV. He was accused of election fraud after he was elected to congress. He was accused of having multiple accounts. Eventually his political opponents managed to convince the admins of these apparent crimes, and his account was banned. It was a sad way to end his short, but fulfilling time in Venezuela.