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Nationality Flag-USA.jpg American
Date of birth September 5, 2008
Date of death 2011
Residence California, USA
Sex Male
Military rank Icon Field Marshal.jpg V1 Field Marshal
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Wisher was a soldier in eRepublik, having served as a proud officer in the U.S. Marine Corps.


Early Life

Wisher was born in Albany, New York, U.S.A. on Day 290 of the New World. For the first three months of his eLife, he mostly 2-clicked through eRepublik; he was usually too lazy to even read the top rated articles of the day. Early on, he was convinced to join the USWP by party recruiters, although he would later leave due to pointless political mudslinging and bickering.

V1 Transition

Even though he was late to the party, Wisher was stillborn during Beta. That being said, he preferred the earlier graphics compared to the set in v1. Otherwise, he was still too young to be thoroughly annoyed by the new era ushered in by the admins. During this time, Wisher was still living in New York, which was no longer just Albany, thanks to v1.

The Age of Enlightenment

Right as v1 was introduced, and shortly before then, Wisher had discovered the wonders of eRepublik's media. He found great pleasure in reading the top articles of the US, along with those of the other English-speaking countries such as Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. For a brief period, Wisher even moved across the Atlantic to take up a job working in a British company. After he returned, he discovered an article advertising how much fun there was in being a member of the American military. Intrigued, Wisher took it upon himself to immediately fill out the GoogleDocs form attached to the paper and was quickly accepted into the US Army.

Loss of Account

Wisher had his account information phished after opening a message from banned citizen bulla. He lost control over his account for roughly two weeks in February. This led to a loss of interest in the game for Wisher.

The Avatars

Most of the avatars that Wisher uses have been from a game called Team Fortress 2, featuring a character from the game, who is named The Soldier. As a US Marine, Wisher identified with the character and enjoyed using the avatars. He believed that they are very appropriate and can strike fear into the hearts of his enemies.

Wisher's third Soldier avatar, used for the fall and winter of 2009.


Wisher has expressed an interest in avoiding the uncivilized portions of Erepublik, so as to maximize his enjoyment of the game. Thus, explaining why he has never run for a political office of any sort. However, he did join The Democratic Party, revitalized by former US president Harrison Richardson, as a party founded around eRepublik's game mechanics, the most important aspect of this world.


Wisher doesn't have an excessive amount of friends in eRepublik. He has three Real Life friends in the game, although he was not invited to the game by them. Coincidentally, they joined at similar times. The majority of Wisher's friends in eRepublik are members of the Marine Corps, as he says that they make great friends and brothers-in-arms. His fellows Marines are also good at making conversation on IRC. Some of these conversations involve injuries utilizing several large trouts. Those most commonly harmed by these aquatic creatures would be MQMG Paradiziac & Wisher himself.
Logo of Wisher's paper, The Soldier's Digest.

The Soldier's Digest

The Soldier's Digest is the newspaper that Wisher founded on Day 721, using the gold obtained via Plato's Folly. The first article was a list of salutes from 37 American soldiers after the first day of the Day 722 Heilongjiang resistance war.


US Army

Wisher has served in the armed forces of the United States for the majority of his eLife. He made the decision to join the United States Army during the time Moishe was General of the Army. Wisher would train daily, and happily receive his paycheck at the end of the week (at that time, American soldiers were paid on a weekly basis). Wisher served in the US Army for roughly two to three months, leaving sometime during the chaotic period of Symrstar's reign. When was a soldier in the Army, he fought in the Dover administration's Operation French Toast, and he fought against Indonesia during their invasion of Argentina.

Marine Corps

Then in late February, Wisher applied for the United States Marine Corps, easily the best decision he has made throughout the course of this game. He was ecstatic upon receiving the message from the then-Commandant, Eugene Harlot, one of America's most respected players and soldiers. Wisher was assigned to the first platoon of Bravo Company. In Bravo 1, he fought in many international conflicts, including the wildly successful Operation Turkish Delight, in which multiple regions of Israel and Greece were freed from the grasp of Turkey, including Central Greece, a high iron region. Wisher also tanked for the first time during the Day 705 assault on Hungarian-held Nunavut, in which America & the Allied forces were victorious.

On day 651, Wisher was promoted to Lieutenant of Bravo 1 by his Company commander, Mdeusa03, due to the long-running former lieutenant, denversbest02, needed to resign his post due to RL commitments. Wisher happily took up this post, and served as the lieutenant for Bravo 1 for six months, before stepping down due to a loss of interest in eRepublik. Wisher's final acts as platoon CO were to promote Sergeant HisAirness to be the platoon's new lieutenant and to move Jm3n into the newly vacated sergeant's position.


This list consists of some of the wars Wisher participated in: