WolfGang III

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WolfGang III

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Nationality Flag-Canada.jpg Canadian
National rank 209
Date of birth 12 October 2009
Date of death April 14 2011
Sex Male
Newspaper The Epileptic Seal
Congressman of Canada
Party President of Democratic Action League
Rank Icon rank Lt Colonel*.png Lt Colonel*

WolfGang III was a citizen of Canada.

Six time Congressman and 2-time Party President of the DAL, and Former Auditor General from November 5th-16th 2010.

WolfGang III is also a Sergeant in The Crimson order. WolfGang III was born on October 12th 2009 in Voralburg, Austria, but moved quickly to Canada. He has since achieved 3 super soldier medals and 10 hard worker medals. He is the 12th and Current Party President of The Democratic Action league, Canada's largest Political Party. WolfGang III has been Deputy Speaker of Congress once, in August-September 2010 and has been on Broliance Congressman exchange three times since September (Congruent) WolfGang III is also Ambassador to Austria for Canada.

The Democratic Action League

WolfGang III was a former member of The Canadian Paradox Party. He Later Joined the Democratic Action league of Canada where he is currently still today. WolfGang III was not involved with the party until January 2010, when upon trying to run for congress, his employer Citizen B informed him of the forums/procedures of DAL politics. WolfGang III was not fully involved in the party (although he ran for congress) until the Political take over of the party by Jbdivinus. WolfGang III has since been greatly involved within the party. In his time with the democratic action league, WolfGang III has been Party President twice, Congressman six times, VP once, and Media Director since October 2010.

The Crimson Order

WolfGang III Joined the crimson order in August of 2010. He Joined after being fed up with the Canadian Armed Forces. Originally Assigned to the Second legion, WolfGang III has since joined the newly founded Seventh legion. Upon Joining the Seventh Legion WolfGang III was promoted to Sergeant and is still currently holding the position. WolfGang III was involved in the "Open Door" Scandal of November 14th 2010, in which former CAF high Command officer Relic10 "Opened The Door" to The Crimson order (the ones on IRC) and much Lulz Occurred. WolfGang III lost his position as Auditor General because of the scandal, but still managed to win the party presidency.