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World In a Nutshell

General Information
Country Flag-Finland.jpg Finland
Owner Kuhaa
Founded January 2009
Subscribers 998
Articles 24-25
Content Opinions, Humor, Politics

World In a Nutshell is a Finnish newspaper published by citizen Kuhaa, however it publishes articles both in Finnish and English.



The newspaper was established on January 2009 and was then named Kuha-Sanomat. First articles didn't follow any theme, Kuhaa just wrote what he felt was worth bringing to community's knowledge. The very first article, was about media module itself, as Kuhaa felt the newspaper management tools needed improvement. He also wrote about the same subject on eRepublik Forums.[1] Reaching Finland's Top Rated, the article received positive feedback encouraging Kuhaa to write more. Second article was a summary of political happenings of Finland, and Kuhaa also shared his opinion about Finnish media, which in his opinion suffered from low quality back then. Third article was a "guide" how players could make the game more interesting for themselves. Although it only contained information everybody already knew - "You can start a company or publish a newspaper yaddayaddayadda...", it's purpose was to show people complaining about boredom that there were actually quite a many things they could try. From there on Kuha-Sanomat became a more political newspaper, publishing only articles promoting Kuhaa and his party Liberaali Edistyspuolue in elections and such.


On April 2009, when Kuhaa moved to Japan his newspaper's name changed to Enlightenment. That was due to him and his friends calling themselves Council of Zen. Enlightenment published only one article, promoting Kuhaa when he ran for Congress in Japan. The article was later deleted, and when Kuhaa moved to Hungary he didn't even bother writing anything.

World In a Nutshell

The series begins

When Kuhaa started infiltrating Finland again and joined Nopean Toiminnan Joukot, he was living in Spain. He had assigned for Finnish Media Mogul Campaign and started dreaming about being a Media Mogul so he decided it was time to start writing articles in English. Due to campaign he already had some subscribers so he figured he could have a chance to reach Top Rated abroad. He came up with an idea of World In a Nutshell-series where he would write about different countries and things he associated to them in a humorous manner. His decided to start with Spain, writing about their language, their strange upside-down question- and exclamation marks and sports he though Spaniards liked: football and bullfights. His way of writing articles was described with words like "absurd" and "mad", but funny at the same time.

Next article on the series was about Croatia, which Kuhaa thought to look like an alligator either eating Bosnia and Herzegovina, vomiting or breathing fire. The article got a few comments but didn't receive as much attention as his article about Spain. Because of this Kuhaa decided to wait for inspiration to strike before writing another article.

The inspiration stroke when France had a big baby boom. Although Kuhaa had announced that he'd write about Japan next, he felt it would be easier to write about France this time. He decided to publish a 5-step guide how to effectively play eRepublik, however his advice had nothing to do with playing:

  1. Wash your hands before starting to play! (because there might be grease on your hands from eating baguettes. This is likely because all Frenchmen eat baguettes all the time.)
  2. Drink wine after you've stopped playing! (Wine gets you drunk. When you're drunk, you do stupid things.)
  3. Wear a bicycle helmet while playing. (No specific reason, it just looks extremely stupid.)
  4. Don't rage!!!!1 (It's very common, yet incredibly annoying way of playing. It's a game.)
  5. Don't jump off Le eCliff! (Or jump if you want to.)

Although some felt Kuhaa was insulting baguettes by calling them greasy, the article received positive comments and luckily no one was offended for real.

Da Peace Code

One day in his office, Kuhaa started thinking about the situation in the New World. At the time, the whole world was on fire when two major alliances, EDEN and PEACE GC took a match of each other and North America was under heavy attacks. Kuhaa came up with two theories why Peace was attacking on his article Da PEACE Code. The article was heavily biased and was only intended to make fun of the "enemy", yet Kuhaa was proud to have come up with such a "low intelligent" article as one comment suggested.[2]. Upsetting some but amusing the masses, Kuhaa considered his article a success. The followup Comparing EDEN and PEACE got a similar response, but wasn't as good as it's predecessor. At that time Kuhaa had also taken part in short EDEN's MM Campaign and was closer to gaining the achievement than ever.

Although both the previous articles were released as part of the World In a Nutshell series, Kuhaa wanted to return his newspaper to its original track. At the time many people were making fun of UK, or trolling their media" as some could say, so Kuhaa decided to publish an article there. This time however he didn't want to upset anyone, so he translated Finnish stand-up comedian Ismo Leikola's story "England is a developing country". After this Kuhaa decided to have a break from writing humorous articles as being part of Finnish politics took a fair amount of his time.

On 13 September 2009 Kuhaa wrote his first article in Finnish since leaving for Japan. His article 13.9.2008 - Okkius Pyromanius mielissämme(Okkius Pyromanius in our thoughts) was written to honor Okkius Pyromanius's memory, because it had been a month since he had quit playing. Although the article was quite emotional and contained detailed explanations of the sorrow Okkius's "death" had caused, it wasn't meant to be taken seriously. After that Kuhaa didn't publish an article until November when he started his campaign for Presidency. But before he would become Finland's President, he was about to write his masterpiece.

Please Give Us Bacon

As a big fan of bacon, Kuhaa felt it was his duty to demand the addition of that delicious meat product to eRepublik. In his article Kuhaa explained why it would be important to have bacon in the New World, bottom line being that it would dramatically increase the amount of new citizens and would keep older citizens playing. In the article he also came up with the way how this could be implemented - grain was to be replaced with pigs. The article gained 672 votes, 118 comments and someone even shared it in Facebook, making the article the most successful one Kuhaa had ever written.

The article received mostly positive feedback, but in the comments there was furious debate going on. Some people thought Kuhaa was serious and claimed that adding bacon to game would cause Turkish and Iranian players to quit. However, Kuhaa stated he didn't want to offend any religious groups, and that the article was a joke and should be taken as one. However his article had angered another group - vegetarians. The next day after publishing the article, Kuhaa even received PM's telling him how all the vegetarians of the world would hate him until the end of the world. Kuhaa was amused for all the positive and negative feedback he received, but what made him even happier was the Media Mogul achievement he finally got.[3] There's no doubt that Kuhaa would've never gotten the achievement without the help of MM campaigns, but when the EDEN campaign had to be canceled, Kuhaa still lacked almost 250 subscribers.

 How can we simultaneously piss off Muslims, Jews, Vegetarians, and animal rights people? 

Writing continues

Being a President Kuhaa obviously didn't have time to publish articles of his own. If he published something, he did it through Finland's national newspaper. He published a thank you -article when he was elected, and another one when his term ended but that was pretty much it.

On December 2009 after his presidency when Russia once again attacked Finland, Kuhaa couldn't resist and he published his first true trolling article. In his article, which was entirely written in CAPS, he demanded to know why Finns were ordered to fight for Greece, and insulted Finnish government for being sissies. The article was meant to be a parody of over-patriotic people who ignored all the reasons given for defending Croatia during previous terms, and constantly complained for not being allowed to defend Finland's original regions when Russia and Latvia tried to draw damage from important battles. Most of the people got the joke but not all, even though the article had a small print included explaining the true purpose of the article.

When January's Presidential elections were approaching, Kuhaa felt like writing a humorous article once again. He wanted to publish an article that would leave people surprised and amused. He decided to announce that he was going to candidate for presidency, but that his government would be something totally different from anything that had been seen before. He came up with an idea he called Community-spirited Hippie Government where every member of the government would take on every job possible. Of course everybody would also share passwords each other to ensure mutual trust and co-operation. Like that there would always be someone to do the job, and government's functionality wouldn't be so dependent on a single person. He asked Party presidents to contact him if they wanted to support him for presidency. Not a single one did. As before, not everybody got the joke which Kuhaa found very surprising.

On March 2010 Kuhaa was inspired to write an article, when Finland's national newspaper Valtion Sanomat published a battle order telling Finnish citizens to pick their nose because there were no active battles with Finland involved.[4] People immediately started making comments where they claimed they didn't know how, and asked for proper instructions of how they could effectively pick their noses. Kuhaa, who had served several terms as Finland's Minister of Education, felt it was his duty to write detailed instructions about picking one's nose, and after and hour or two of intensive studying and writing, an article Lajeista jaloin, eli "Perehdytys nenänkaivuun saloihin" was published for Finnish citizens to benefit from. His article consisted of three "lessons" which each had a different approach to nose-picking, and each of them guided the reader further and further on the path of being a skilled nose-picker. Three lessons were:

  • Lesson 1 - What exactly is nose-picking?
    • Kuhaa started his article by defining nose-picking - "Nose-picking - Any action whose purpose is, by utilizing one's hands or other tools, to remove material or itching by sweeping the inner layer of one's nose" which lead him to conclusion that pushing small objects like peas in one's nose may not be considered nose-picking. Same applies to removing such objects from the nose by using tweezers. Kuhaa also wrote about the long history of nose-picking and how it in fact was an appreciated form of meditation, not a disgusting habit of small children.
  • Lesson 2 - How does nose-picking happen?
    • In this section Kuhaa described in detail how the fingers are to be positioned, and how the action of putting finger into one's nose is to be done. Before starting to describe the action he wanted to go to the very basics, so he first define important terms he was going to use like "fingers", "nose" and "snot". He also came up with his own terminology, calling fingers' joints as "gates" and the act of putting finger into the nose as "diving" to name just a few.
  • Lesson 3 - Other techniques
    • The third and the last section described four other techniques which more skilled nose-pickers used to remove nasal mucus from their noses.

Many people found the article amusing despite it's cheap humor, mainly due the time and effort invested in writing about such a meaningless subject as picking one's nose. Originally Kuhaa didn't intend to write a complete article, but the comment he was writing to the national newspaper's article kept expanding so he figured he might as well take the joke a little further.

"Nutshell" becomes a political newspaper...not

I kindly ask everyone to notice that this article is written

with the game's current situation in mind. I do not wish for
anything bad to happen to Russians in real life, and I don't
think Okkius would even think about breaking anyone's neck.
Have a nice elections!
Disclaimer at the end on Okkius the Brave[5]

On April 5 2010, during presidential elections, Kuhaa wanted to contribute to his long time friend's, Okkius Pyromanius's, election campaign. He wrote a romantic article about Okkius, describing "how pure and gentle person he is", and how he alone would liberate the rest of Finland that was occupied by Russia, the only Finnish region being Western Finland. The article had very patriotic and almost poetry-like tone, and it actually contained two tanka poems and one haiku poem, which told the tale of Okkius the Brave, which actually was the article's name. In spite of the serious atmosphere, the article wasn't meant to be taken seriously, although the humor might have been a little hard to spot as the article had pretty detailed descriptions how Okkius would rampage through Russian-occupied Finland slaying everyone who tried to stop him. The disclaimer at the end stated that the article was based on the current situation in game, not real life. Although the article reached Finland's top rated, Okkius didn't win the elections.


No. Newspaper Article name English Votes (about) Comments About
1. Kuha-Sanomat Kuha-Sanomat aloittaa - Asiaa lehdistön edustajille Kuha-Sanomat starts - Information for members of the press 29 11 First article. Subject was also discussed on eRepublik Forums.
2. Yhteenveto valtiollisista tapahtumista Summary of national happenings 44 9 As one can read from the comments, this article was first of a kind in Finland.
3. Suuntaa antava opas pelikokemuksen mielenkiintoisuuden maksimoimiseksi A directional guide suggesting how to make gaming experience as interesting as possible 76 14 Article was also posted on Finnish national forums.[6]
4. Kuhaan vaalipuhe Kuhaa for congress 16 2 Article promoting Kuhaa when he was running for Congress for the second time.
5. Älä äänestä väärin, äänestä oikein! Don't vote wrong, vote right! 22 7 An article promoting Okkius Pyromanius on 5 March 2009, when the two major candidates were exceptionally even.
6. Liberaali Edistyspuolue! Eduskuntavaalit lähestyvät! Liberaali Edistyspuolue! Congress elections are approaching! 17 1 An article published as Liberaali Edistyspuolue's Party president about Congress elections. This was before the party founded it's own organization and newspaper.
7. Kalaisa edustajanne puhuu! Your fishy congressman speaks! 20 5 Yet another article about congress elections. (Note: "Here fishy doesn't refer to "suspicious", it's a wordplay. "Kuha" is Finnish name for zander)
8. LEP huomio! Vaaliasiaa! LEP attention! About elections! 23 6 Kuhaa encouraged other party members to vote LEP's other candidates in Eastern Finland as he had already got enough votes to get elected.
9. Maailma kutsuu, Kuhaa vastaa World calls, Kuhaa answers 42 8 After living his whole life in Finland, Kuhaa announced that he's going to abandon the country in order to search for better life elsewhere with his comrades.
10. Enlightenment Article is deleted - - - An article where Kuhaa introduced himself to the Japanese community and announced he's going to run for Congress.
11. World In a Nutshell Spain Original title in English 97 19 An article published in Spain where Kuhaa writes things he associates with Spain.
12. Croatia 87 6 An article published in Croatia where Kuhaa writes about the shape of the country.
13. Guide for new Frenchmen 111 25 A 5-step guide for new Frenchmen how they can effectively play eRepublik right from the start...not.
14. Da PEACE Code 513 65 Two theories of why PEACE GC attacked North America. The name is an obvious reference to Dan Brown's novel The Da Vinci Code.
15. Comparing EDEN and PEACE 285 30 An article comparing two major alliances. Like Da PEACE Code, this article clearly takes EDEN's side and can be considered propaganda.
16. The United Kingdom 92 15 Another part of World In a Nutshell-series. Article has an English translation of a story explaining why England is a developing country.
17. 13.9.2008 - Okkius Pyromanius mielissämme 9/13/2008 - Okkius Pyromanius in our thoughts 145 35 Memoir speech for Okkius Pyromanius. The next day the article was published, someone pointed out that the title's date had wrong year in it. Kuhaa, not having noticed it earlier, denied it and claimed one should try to think outside the box.
18. Kuhaa kuivana - savustettuna, ei keitettynä Kuhaa dried - smoked, not boiled 108 16 Kuhaa's election speech for Presidency. This was actually his second article about the elections, but because Russia and Latvia attacked Finland for the first time, he decided to include it in his election panel instead. This was to leave room for battle orders and announcements. Articles name is a reference to James Bond. Finnish name is also a wordplay, Kuhaa is partitive for "kuha"(zander).
19. Please Give Us Bacon Original title in English 672 118 Article that some hated but many loved. This article finally brought Kuhaa the Media Mogul achievement. The article also inspired a spin-off article, It's Only Natural - Vote For This Necessary Addition To eRep! written by Julian Mizu in his newspaper Mizu's News.
20. Kuhaa kiittää Kuhaa says thank you 89 12 Thank you -article after Kuhaa was elected Finland's president.
21. Väistyvän presidentin ajatusvirtaa Stream of thoughts of a President who's stepping down 98 25 After the end of his Presidential term, Kuhaa shared his thoughts about it.
22. MITÄ HELCVETTIÄ?!!? WHAT A HELLK.?!!?(sic) 88 31 A trolling article from time when Russia once again attacked Finland to draw damage.
23. Kuhaa mukaan presidenttikilpaan Kuhaa enters the race for Presidency! 68 34 A joke article introducing Community-spirited Hippie Government that would've brought a breath of fresh air to Finnish politics.
24. Lajeista jaloin, eli "Perehdytys nenänkaivuun saloihin" The noblest of all: "An introduction to the art of nose-picking" 103 23 Was the second one of Kuhaa's articles to be shared on Facebook.
25. Okkius Urhoollinen Okkius the Brave 164 12 The second article Kuhaa wrote with the intention of boosting Okkius Pyromanius's success in elections.
Total: 3009 529

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