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Nationality Flag-Bosnia and Herzegovina.jpg Bosnian
Date of birth 09 April 2009 - Day 506 of the New World
Date of death 2010
Faith Theocracy
Minister of Defense of Bosnia and Herzegovina
5 October 2009 – 5 November 2009
Preceded by SokoBiH
Congressman of Bosnia and Herzegovina
25 May 2009 – 25 Juni 2009
Vice Minister of Defense of Bosnia and Herzegovina
5 September 2009 – 5 Oktober 2009
Preceded by Bosna_United
Commander Special Unit DRAKE of Bosnia and Herzegovina
5 July 2009 – 5 Oktober 2009
Preceded by Zemlja
Succeeded by SokoBiH
Party president of Teokratska Stranka eBiH
15 August 2009 – 15 September 2009
Preceded by St. Edoxin el Mokrinjski
Succeeded by Kpcto
Military rank Icon rank Commander***.png Commander***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman
Dead citizen.png
Dead citizen

wudu was born on the 506 day of the New World in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

 War is the answer 
(popular wudu's saying)
wudu's eye

The Beginnings

In the early beginning he just clicked twice a day. He only worked and trained. He was a very calm and withdrawn citizen in his baby days.

Political Life

In the beginnings he wasn't interested in politics at all. But later he became member of Demokratska Stranka eBiH. He met many people in the party, and in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

He won the congress elections for the first time on 25 May 2009, with the Demokratska Stranka eBiH party. Later he left Demokratska Stranka eBiH.

He begun to believe in Theocracy, soon after that he and St. Edoxin el Mokrinjski created Teokratska Stranka eBiH, the first theocratic party in eBiH. On 15 August 2009 he was elected to the Party president of Teokratska Stranka eBiH.

Military Life

First he joined the army of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Later he became member of the elite unit of Bosnia and Herzegovina called DRAKE. The commander was Zemlja. Soon, Zemlja became president of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and wudu was declared to the commander of Special Unit DRAKE. One of the biggest actions that he commanded, are helping Theocratic South Korea in the fight against Japan. One article about that. After Bosna_United he resigned his Deputy Minister Of Defense position, wudu became the Deputy Minister of Defence in Bosnia and Herzegovina for one month. On 5 October 2009 he became Minister of Defence of Bosnia and Herzegovina

The first time he became a battle hero in the PEACE war games

He became a Resistance Hero in conquering Hamgyong


wudu's Achievements
Icon achievement hardworker on.gif Icon achievement congressman on.gif Icon achievement president off.gif Icon achievement mediamogul off.gif Icon achievement battlehero on.gif Icon achievement resistance on.gif Icon achievement supersoldier on.gif Icon achievement society builder on.gif
12 4 1 1 3 1


Press director of eOslobodjenje

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