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XG Gazzette

XG Gazzette.png
General Information
Country Flag-Australia.jpg Australia
Owner Cabinet Secretary (Xavier Griffith)
Founded December 2008
Subscribers 235 (recorded on day 3,932)
Articles 55
Content Official eAustralian Government GazettesOfficial Government Notices


XG Gazzette was founded as The eAU Government Gazette (shorten for The eAustralian Government Gazette) by Xavier Griffith (Cabinet Secretary) in an endeavour to give Australian Citizens and Companies operating in Australia an one-stop place to gain official information from the government, including laws proposed, whether they were PASSED or REJECTED, and what impact they may have on all Australians.

Time Frame

The Gazette was written up and released on Sunday / Monday each week. It contained Proposed Law changes in Congress, the Date they were proposed, the Congressman that Proposed it, Whether it was PASSED or REJECTED, and what the vote was.