Yagami Mii

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Yagami Mii

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Nationality Flag-Japan.jpg Japanese
National rank Lord of Yakumo, eJapanese Royalty
Date of birth November 19, 2009
Residence Hokkaido,Yakumo
Sex Female
Political party None
Faith Myuism / eShinto / Haruhiism
Married to Princess Amamiya Haruhi
(9th June 2012 – )
Military unit Pedokuma Hunters' Squad
Position Second Commander
Rank Icon rank Legendary Force*.png Legendary Force*

Yagami Mii - born Yagami Mion (八神美音 Yagami Mion), also known as simply Mii is Japanese citizen, historian,speaker to the Congress, vicePresident & ambassador in the past.At some time she was considered as possible candidate for Empress of Japan.She is also a head of Yagami Clan in eHokkaido and eWaifu of B.C. Haruhi Suzumiya.



Mii could even forgive Kyuubey

Yagami Mii likes cute things, being under influence of HIM Kokawayoshi Makoto, she also developed love for owls. Sometimes she is happy and optimistic, other time she's very moody. She likes to roleplay and speak japanese language. When it comes to job in politics , she tries to become very unbiased which leads often to her putting herself in unconfortable situations. In some works she had been depicted as "Motherly figure, that cares for her children-citizens of eJapan". She is also very forgiving , according to her friends even "too forgiving".

Some belived that she was incarnation of kami or myustress, but she doesn't know if that is true.However the fact is that she feels strong bonds to supernatural world and wishes to become Miko at Kokawayoshi shrine.

Early life (Yagami M)

Her life until 6th of June 2012 can be found in the other article

Aoba Castle Kidnapping Case & Wedding

In the night at 6th June, Yagami Mii arrived to Sendai's Aoba Castle, where she was thought to be kidnapped few hours after arrival. Her whereabouts remained unknown for 3 days, it turned out that she eloped with her childhood friend Princess Haruhi Suzumiya , with whom she married on 9th June (Day 1663). Squibeel was master of the ceremony , with words "I now declare both of you Waifus", he blessed this marriage for the future.

Japanese Chaos of August

Full Article: Japanese_Chaos_of_August_2012

During their Hoonymoon, a great disaster has hit Japan. Chaotic events of August left the country occupied & in ruin. While Mii didn't take personally any role in these events , they are worth mentioning, in order to understand their impact on eJapanese society, and events that were to occur later. After returning to Japan, what was to be seen was heartbreaking. Some houses were still burning and people had lost all the hope. Mii tried to run in presidental elections in November, but after unsuccesfull campaign, she left politics for good.

Japanese Independence War and Freedom of Kanto

Mii's ISP avatar used in the time of Independence war
For over 4 months eJapan has been occupied by eTaiwan , despite number of efforts to free themselves, they weren't able to win a single resistance war. However odds changed on 11 November (Day 1818) , when ePolish Military Unit TerazMy has sparked triple RW ( Japanese in Kanto , South Korean in Gyeonggi-do and Thai in Luzon). Only RW in Kanto was succesfull, granting eJapan region. While the victory wouldn't be possible without TerazMy, it's worth mentioning that representatives of all CoT members, as well as other Japan-friendly nations were present. Mii had some impact on the battle of third division.

Ref:[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] <--this shall be used to make an seperate article

Death of Princess Haruhi

Princess Haruhi Amamiya died at 15th December 2012. After this dsad event Mii's personality changed, she became more silent. She didn't enjoy happy conversations with friends anymore, so she decided to join military in order to stop thinking about the tragic loss.


While not being the major figure of anything in eJapan, Mii hadn't make her mark on the eJapan , however she tried to bring some positive energy into every player there, she has memories about every single person that she met there, and she prays for every good person she met on her 3 year long eLife.

Live long and prosper o/ みんな、頑張ってね!

Life between Lives

During her inactive period she was placed into president race several times.

After her return she haven't taken any significant political position, she decided to spend her remaining days on enjoying cultural events and writing historical articles of no significance whatsoever.