Yddub Emwolb

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Yddub Emwolb

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Nationality Flag-Ireland.jpg Irish
National rank 46
Date of birth Day 614
Residence Dublin, Ireland
Sex Male
Political party Eire Aonair
Children Lliam Costello
Newspaper Yddub's Fish Wrap
Congress member of Ireland
Military unit Ordo Hereticus
Military rank Icon rank God of War*.png God of War*

Yddub Emwolb is a highly respected citizen of Icon-Ireland.png Ireland. He was one of Ireland's strongest tanks and has been known to win battles by himself. He describes himself as "a soldier with a rude name and of no importance." but many citizens will disagree with that.

Personal life

Yddub lives in California happily married. He is a freshwater fisherman. Yddub unofficially had a crush on einberliner (AKA Donut).

Father of Lliam Costello, who he took under his wing when they were in the acclaimed Saorise party.

He has a friendly rivalry with TemujinBC of Canada's premier The Crimson Order (TCO) to see who can do the most battle damage.

Yddub is a very friendly citizen and has been known to help new citizens especially with fighting, mainly supplying them with weapons, food and gold.

He also loves Guinness.

Yddub went into semi-retirement in 2013. Though he is still around many counted this as his death as he gave his fortune to the state treasury.


Yddub served 7 times in the Congress, and it is known that 3 of them were for sure in the Congress of Ireland:

In 2012 Yddub was a member of Irish Independent Party and today he is a member of Eire Aonair.


Yddub has been inducted into the Philippines Legion of Honor for services rendered to the Icon-Philippines.png Philippines.

When Ireland had been annexed Yddub Emwolb and John Snuggles were the deciding factors in taking back Ireland from the Icon-UK.png British.

He has been known to travel the eWorld helping lesser countries. He served in the Irish Army in the past and today he is a soldier in Ordo Hereticus.


Yddub owned two companies - A Q5 weapons company and a Q1 food company.