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Hetalia Austria.jpg
Nationality Flag-Mexico.jpg Mexican
National rank 147 (And decreasing)
Date of birth July 07, year 2009, Day 595 of the New World
Date of death July 07, year 2013 Day 2056 of the New World
Residence Texas
Sex Male
Faith Dhooist
Children Jackstry Nanla, Caesar Octavio Nieto, Jorge F. Rodriguez, Jorge Naim Reichert
Newspaper Journal and Coffee with Yhamilitz
Vice president of Mexico
May 6th, 2011 – June 5th, 2011
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mexico
November 6th, 2012 – December 5th, 2012
Congressman of Austria
Congressman of Mexico
Rank Icon rank World Class Force 3.png World Class Force***

 Cool story bro 
(People from EDEN countries commenting in the Yhamilitz´s Newspapers)
 Who cares? 
(Some other people commenting in the Yhamilitz´s Newspapers)
 I will back, with more weapons 
(Yhamilitz's main phase)
 "Mexico podrá ser un ePais pequeño pero por lo menos somos la Super-Mega-Ultra potencia eMundial en las Spam Wars xD"  
(Yhamilitz's most popular phase, quoted by Glove's government)

Yhamilitz, also knowed as "Nacoleón" in Mexico or simply called Yhamil in Mexico and Austria, was a "Rebel without cause" and had many fans and enemies around the world. He loved Austria, and hated TakeOvers.

He was a semi-active citizen in the New World. He uses Spanish and English for communication.



Babyhood Yhamilitz was born in Northeast of Mexico. During this time, he didn't get any help for develop himself (He learned to survive without any help). He was born in an "Internal Conflict" in Mexico (Between Mexicans and Polish). He didn't put any attention to that and then he leaves the country 1 month of his born day. Then he went to his First Real Home, Austria.

Childhood He learn to do many things in Austria, He also meet Important Persons in his life like Marie von Gablitz, and Rangeley. During that time, he also began to interact with another citizens and was making many friends in the Country. In Austria he learn almost everything, about how to "Interact" in the new World. When he came back to Mexico, he was not immediately accepted. But after few months, he was finally "accepted". He also tried Philippines and New Zealand, gaining some Experience.

Adulthood He did many funny things and "not so funny" for other people. Yhamilitz came back to Austria and was "semi-active" during so much time. That the community, was more quiet, he meet many people in Austria in his 2nd Austrian moment, Specially people from Hungary.

Many people in Mexico didn't know him, because Mexico is under a new generation dominance. Actually, he losses contact with Austria as the way, the country became more quiet and silence community.

He became more inactive. He moved to Bulgaria and Macedonia for a fresh start but he had problems with the languages, He is part of a Mercenary Group called Dark Side Wolves, he meet the Love of his Life there and she is called MissPaunova.

Old Age He become inactive and became very weak compared to other D4 soldiers. He became distant from everyone. He didn't married with MissPaunova. He died in Texas, when was under Mexican Control.



Yhamilitz was a hard worker.


1st BH Medal: http://www.erepublik.com/en/military/battlefield/12639 in the 7th Mini Battle

This is one of the weapons that Yhamilitz use in the battle field.

La Rebelión

La Rebelión was a private Mexican Army, Yhamilitz was part of it.

Yhamilitz's actual Military Avatar from La Rebelión.

Dhooist Resistance Army

This Military unit was created by Dhoo, Yhamilitz was part of it.

Armed Forces of Austria

As Austrian Yhamilitz join to the National Army of his country.

Armée de Libération

hailey14 created an army for liberate the Countries under the rule of another ones. Yhamilitz was part of this International Army

CoT Armed Forces

He was part of the army, but because of inactivity, he decided to take one offer from DSW.

Dark Side Wolves (DSW)

Yhamilitz decided to join to this MU, actually he is in this Military unit.


Yhamilitz isn't very Active in Politics, but he has been a Congressman for 7 times.


Yhamilitz was the Vicepresident of Mexico side May 5th of 2011 to June 4th of 2011


Yhamilitz was the MoFA of Mexico side November 5th of 2012 to December 4th of 2012



Yhamilitz during his lifetime, had 7 different Citizenship's

Erepublik Rising

In this new era, Yhamilitz was one of the people who is adapted in this new era, In this new era, a very big economical crisis, make Thousands of people lost their jobs. The crisis actually affect him(In the beginning no affect him)


Yhamilitz decided to form a Family, this are his Relatives

Yhamilitz adopted 4 Sons, 3 from Mexico and 1 from Austria. Only 2 are still alive.

Yhamilizt have another Relatives too.

Friend List

Yhamilitz has some friends, and this are his Most important friends in his Life (ordered chronologically, from the First to Newest):

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