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Nationality Flag-Canada.jpg Canadian
National rank 29
Date of birth Jan 29, 2009
Residence World
Sex Male/Female/Everything
Political party No Alignment
Faith Dioism
Married to Yonsil
(Yonsil – )
Children Thinh_Nyguen
Newspaper Years of Billion
Minister of D-Defense of Japan
November 2009 – TBA
Preceded by Danyeo
Military unit Canadian Armed Forces
Squadron Canadian Armed Forces | Elites/Mary Chan's Air Squadron
Position Corporal
Military rank Icon rank Colonel.png Colonel
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Yonsil "욘실" is currently a normal resident of eCanada and proud serving member of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF). A two year veteran of eRepublik, Yonsil continues to play eRepublik without a heartstop. To this day, this mark on eRepublik expands throughout the nation of eJapan through the ways of his purposeful factual distortion, which pleases the trolls of eJapan.

Early Days of Glory

On a casual day of internet surfing, Yonsil stumbles upon a game advertisement on www.christianforums.com. As a good, worthy Christian, Yonsil does not neglect to click the link. The hideous and plain, yet attractive message of conquest, tempts yonsil to continue with the registration process and yahoo, Yonsil became the lowly citizen of Canada.

At first, the idea of roleplaying excites him. As a first news article release, yonsil releases a simple but intriguing message, "Fresh! Yay~" The Nation shook in tears of joy and freshness began to overflow in Canada.

Becoming Yonsil

Yonsil was a stagnant individual who knew of no lulz in his earlier age. To him, the concept of lulz did not exist, nor did it matter, for Yonsil did not care for laughter or unwarranted funniness because his concern was with kindness and love of other and acceptance thereof. Tired of same old politic of Canada and disillusioned by his worth, Yonsil takes a brave step to venture a new country. Knowing Yonsil was a weeaboo and anime lover at the time, he could not resist to visit Japan for hefty dose of anime and weeaboo conversation. As expected, on the first day of #ejapan coldfront, yonsil discussed the meaning of life and existence of God with the fellow chan members. Tohru was present at the time, who was not amused by this new creature, who will soon bring storm of trouble to an already troubled nation. .