Zagorje do Meksika

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Zagorje do Meksika

General Information
Country Flag-Croatia.jpg Croatia
Abbreviation ZdM
Newspaper Zagorje do Meksika
Organization Uprava Zagorje do Meksika
IRC channel [#zagorje]
Founded March 2010
Dissolved July 2010
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%

Zagorje do Meksika was a minor political party in Icon-Croatia.png Croatia.


Zagorje do Meksika was established after a couple of citizens from that part of Croatia met in real-life and thought it would be easier to organize themselves regarding the real-life meetings.

Party presidents

RL meetings organized

Major achievements

In May 2010 ZdM made an agreement with Hrvatska Ujedinjena Stranka to nominate rocky1984 as their candidate for Congress. Rocky was successfully elected.