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Citizen1334960 v4.jpg
eRepublik Elite Citizen
Nationality Flag-France.jpg French
National rank 25
Date of birth February 25, 2009
Day 463
Residence Paris, Paris Isle of France, France
Sex Male
Political party L'Entente
Faith Renouilleism
Children JulianFR
Newspaper ACN Journal
Vice president of France
July 5th, 2012 – August 5th, 2012
Served under Saberan
Party president of Swiss Reform Coalition
15 January 2012 – 15 February 2012
Preceded by F4uc0n
Succeeded by Hot Fever
Congress member of France
Congress member of Switzerland
Congress member of Canada
Party president of Coalition d'eFrance
15 May 2014 – 15 May 2014
Preceded by Noname27100
Succeeded by Plutarch38
Vice president of France
May 5th, 2014 – June 5th, 2014
Served under JulianFR
Military unit Fusion
Military rank Icon rank Titan**.png Titan**
Aircraft rank Aviator 4.png Aviator****

Zesti, formerly known as eMoria and Moriakim is a citizen of Icon-France.png France. He's a member of the Holy church of Renoulliesm.

Bio Button.jpg Biography

After the death of many of his Swiss friends (JNarno, Eleriel, Zillable, Pascal Couchepin...) he immigrated to Canada in a first part and two month later in France looking for new adventure with Xavibong and Julian Anderson. In France he has been a congressman and was the Party President of ULP, Parti Koinmuniste and Coalition d'eFrance. In July 2012 and May 2014 also was appointed Prime Minister of France. He has since done many other interesting things.

The Renouilleist Church

doctrine : The Ten Commandments of Renouilleism

Icon position party member.gif Politics

Icon position country president.gif Government

  • Vice-President of Switzerland
  • Two terms as Prime minister of France
  • three terms as Ministry of Defence (France)
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs (France)
  • two terms as Ministry of Solidarity (Switzerland)
  • two terms as Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Switzerland)
  • Member of the Constitution (Switzerland)
  • three terms as Consultant

Icon position party president.gif Party Politics

Coalition d'eFrance

Party-Coalition d'eFrance.jpg

  • Party president
  • Councillor

Parti Koinmuniste

Party-Parti Koinmuniste.png

  • Councillor
  • one term as vice party president
  • two terms as party president

Union des Libres Penseurs

Party-Union des Libres Penseurs.jpg

  • two terms as vice party president
  • two terms as party president

Swiss Reform Coalition

Party-Swiss Reform Coalition.jpg

  • one terms as party president

Parti Suisse Romand

Party-Parti Suisse Romand.jpg

  • founding member of the party
  • two terms as party president
  • one term as vice party president

United States Workers Party

Party-United States Workers Party.jpg

  • Member while being in the states (up to Summer 2014)

Icon-war.png Military

Zesti is a captain of Fusion military unit.

He's a former member of CHILLAX.jpg CHILLAX and member of Screaming Eagle - Easy Company.png Easy Company

Icon donation.gif Business

eMoria work mainly as CEO of the BJZ Group.

The BJZ Group is an international bank and weapons factory company with headquarters in Zurich at eSwitzerland. The consortium has thirty companies and employs total of 20 employees.


Date Country Industry Commentary
24.09.2010 Switzerland Moving ticket Q5 from Swiss continental Airlines
03.12.2011 Switzerland Gift Q2 from Chalet Magique

Business Portfolio

The BJZ Group has thirty companies and employs total of 20 employees in a weapons factory and raw industries.


The BJZ Group is a leading consulting center for politics and economy.

Investment Bank

Bank logo.jpg

Since his foundation, the BJZ group operating successfully in various business (weapons, tickets, raw...). However the requirements for the investment banking (and spread) are important now. BJZ Group works essentially in his BJZ Bank to increase profits.

World medal.jpg Traveler and explorer around the New World

Icon-Canada.png Canada Icon-USA.png USA Icon-France.png France Icon-Switzerland.png Switzerland Icon-Austria.png Austria



Icon achievement freedomfighter on.gif
Freedom Fighter (x70)
Icon achievement hardworker on.gif
Hard Worker (x87)
Icon achievement congressman on.gif
Congress Member (x6)
Icon achievement mediamogul on.gif
Media Mogul (x1)
Icon achievement battlehero on.gif
Battle Hero (x472)
Icon achievement campaignhero on.gif
Campaign Hero (x23)
Icon achievement resistance on.gif
Resistance Hero (x20)
Icon achievement supersoldier on.gif
Super Soldier (x619)
Icon achievement society builder on.gif
Society Builder (x1)
Icon achievement mercenary on.gif
Mercenary (x37)
Icon achievement truepatriot on.gif
True Patriot (x216)
Icon achievement party president on.gif
Party President* (x9)