Zhao Ji

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Zhao Ji

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Nationality Flag-USA.jpg American
Date of birth Day 530 of the New World
Date of death 2010
Sex Male
Military rank Icon rank General.png General
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Zhao Ji was born on May 3rd, 2009 in the Shanghai region of China.

He has been working exclusively in the Manufacturing industry. In his first few months of existence he quickly learned that Shanghai and China were not among the greatest of New World Countries to be a part of and upon attaining level 6 he used the gold received to buy a ticket to Texas, United States of America.

The Socialist Freedom Party

Some time in June, he joined the Socialist Freedom Party but wasn't a participating member of the party until July 14, 2009 when he first tuned in to the official IRC channel. Up until that point he was slowly losing wellness but his new found comrades brought him back from the brink of death by telling him to fight to maintain his health. It was then that he moved to New Jersey and began work at the SFP Commune. Since then he has not stopped working there, willing to change company positions at a moments notice.

September brought new peaks for him, as Zhao was promoted to Director of Recruitment, but times were tough in that area, the war had taken its toll on both him and others which led to a decline in membership and prospective members in general. With the month coming to an end however, things were looking bright as most of the USA had been won back and the SFP was beginning to regain its post-war momentum in membership and activity.

Civil_Anarchy assumed presidency and primary control over the SFP in October and Zhao's position was moved from Director of Recruitmentto Director of Elections, a position he found much more suitable.

The Bear Cavalry

By August, Zhao became a more important character within the SFP by taking up leadership in the SFP Bear Cavalry as Commander of the Manufacturer's Column and lead them through the PEACE Invasion of North America and resulting resistance wars. In September, due to a reorganization brought on by the shifting needs of the Bear Cavalry and its growth, he was promoted to Commander of the American Brigade.

After a minor hiatus and various sabbaticals Osmany Ramon came back and took control of the Bear Cavalry, putting it at full active status and making it a personal mission to help liberate the various regions under still under control of PEACE countries, now under a new name; PHOENIX. With these changes, reorganization commenced and with it Zhao's position as Brigade Commander was dissolved due to a need to make the group more coherent and easy to command.

The International, GOSPLAN, & Abroad

Some time around January a good friend and comrade of the SFP and well known to Leftists, especially Communists, Maksim Chuikov proposed in his paper a theory to revive GOSPLAN and take on all of capitalism as The New World had known it that called to rally all of the leftists that had decided to gain membership in The Internationale by moving to Russia and work in a "super commune" where the workers from across the globe would work to stockpile food and test this truly revolutionary theory that used critical flaws in the very nature of capitalism itself.

At first there was skepticism amongst the community, but slowly everyone warmed up to the idea and got the ball rolling, the People's Communist Party members being the first from out of country to send workers to join this grand experiment. After about a month of stockpiling and several other parties, including the SFP, sending a majority of its workers over the Planning Committee decided to release a preemptive batch of undercut food onto the open market, and within hours the price had dropped significantly, giving a positive result and green lighting further production.

Sometime in February the Super Commune had amassed its goal of ten thousand food and unleashed it upon the open market, further dropping the price that hadn't recovered from their initial test run and created a "snow ball" effect that made prices fluctuate wildly due to the Committee and capitalist businessmen constantly trying to undercut each other. The overall effects are still noticeable as of mid March, 2010.

Zhao Ji, being the proletarian that he is couldn't pass up an opportunity like that and moved with the rest of the SFP to the super commune some time around January, before the first "test batch" was unleashed.


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Hard Worker (x12)
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Super Soldier (x5)