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I know everything. Do I really need to read this?

May 19 Edition

Yes, tomorrow will be 14 full days of this mess and I thank you all for your patience.

Everything in the directives from the May 16 Edition and May 13 Edition, below are STILL TRUE. But I would like to add another item... Please, please, please do not recreate a page that is already in the wiki. We know the links from the game do not work. Creating a page called "Citizen George Lemnaru" when one called "George Lemnaru" already exists will not solve anything. When things are eventually fixed, these double pages will cause a problem.

Once again, I thank you for your patience and reaffirm that I, and several others, put pressure on the wigs, daily about the state of the wiki. --QJ Lincoln Talk To Me 19:04, 19 May 2009 (UTC)

May 16 Edition

All unnecessary redirects have been removed. But we are still wondering what to do next. If you are an editor, please leave a comment in the bar. Also a note: Do not create redirects for couple of more days. Some redirects are probably going to be restored.--AndyCro Icon-Croatia.png Click here to talk with me baby! ;) 16:02, 16 May 2009 (UTC)

Users should NOT:

  • Create pages that start with lower case letters
  • Create redirects.

Thank you for your cooperation! --QJ Lincoln Talk To Me 00:04, 17 May 2009 (UTC)

May 13 Edition

What is going on now?
Currently a debate is ongoing about using prefixes for page names and if the case sensitivity created last week should remain. This debate is ongoing in the eRepublik:Bar. Users are free to add their comments (if they can be constructive). Once this is resolved, we will come up with another plan of action.

Why doesn't the link work from the game?
All game to wiki redirects were deleted. Decisions are being made on how to relink these pages, users are asked not to duplicate pages, create redirects, or attempt to "fix" things on their own without explicit directions from the syops.

Where did the image from my page go?
Since the wiki is now case sensitive, there is a discrepancy between the file name of your image and the what is written on the page. Just change the name of the file on the page to match the image file. For example change "picture.jpg" to read "Picture.jpg".

Can I continue editing and writing articles in the wiki?
Yes. However, do not create any redirects at this point.

I am new and I am scared of all of these things that are going on. Do I belong here?
Yes. Just remember that the wiki is not at its optimal level right now. We are working as best we can to iron things out to make the wiki more user friendly for ALL users.

Is the Citizen tutorial wrong?
Yes and No. Parts of the tutorial (page name and linking) are in flux due to the system issues. When this is resolved, the tutorial will be edited.

--QJ Lincoln Talk To Me 18:23, 13 May 2009 (UTC)

May 9 Edition

What is going on?
It is a long story.... To read all about it, see eRepublik:Bar#Bad_news. What happened is really no longer the issue. Fixing it should be the goal.

Why did you delete my page?
There is a 99.999% chance your page was not deleted. Your page was renamed and the link is pointing to the old name of the page. As people move pages, links will be fixed in the wiki. If the page cannot be found in a few days, contact a sysops for help.

...But when I click the wiki link from the game, it says the page has been deleted." Yes. The REDIRECT was deleted. The PAGE is still there, search for it. This is a process and will take some time for all of the links to be working again.

What happened to the country pages?
Country page URLs have been renamed with the prefix "Country", for instance Country_Pakistan. We are currently in negotiations on how best to handle these pages. This will probably be resolved Monday.

What can I do to help?
Glad you asked! eRepublik:Bar#How_YOU_Can_Help

What happened to the images?
Same thing that happened to the page names. They will be fixed also. At this moment, they are lower on the priority list.

Can I make redirects?
You can, but there is a chance they might be deleted. Please refrain from doing so until you are given additional guidance by the syops.

Where can I get the most up to date info?
Check the site notice at the top of the wiki. Check the eRepublik:Bar.

You guys are fixing this all wrong. I have a better idea.
Though we are welcome to input. Many options have been explored. We are being pragmatic here and just trying to get things done.

Can I get a wiki account? I have been waiting days and days...
Your enthusiasm for wiki-ing is admirable, however, new account creation is not a priority at this moment. Also, with so many broken links, it is a really bad first impression. This is not a good time to be a newbie. Be patient in a few days, account creation will begin again.

Will this change how will use the wiki in the future?
Somewhat. Hopefully, the changes that started this whole thing will eventually make things much easier and faster for the average wiki editor (no more cumbersome redirects).

Who can I talk to to discuss my anger/frustration/vehemence?
Please write to: Complaints, 1234 Fake Street, Romania 666.

How this be prevented from happening again?
Don't worry. The postmortem on this will be intense.

To thank you, once again, for your patience, here are some puppies in a wagon!! Cute enough to melt an Emperor's heart?

Image vanished! :(

--QJ Lincoln Talk To Me 19:32, 9 May 2009 (UTC)