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This project is currently offline!

This project is not active any more. If you would be interested in re-activating it, feel free to do so.
If you do not know what to do, feel free to contact Andycro for assistance, or post your questions in the Bar.


The Thailand Wiki allows eThailanders wiki users to edit, manage, Organizer and discuss and organize the wiki pages related to Thailand, including citizen, government, and history pages

Thailand is a small country with not very many active citizens, It Has been always under attack from Indonesian Multi accounts trying to PTO us. Thailand was a past member of Sol and is a founding member of One, Thailand takes a very Pro-eden and a Anti-Phoenix stand of world relations, As Thailand is PTOed continually by Indonesia, A member of Phoenix.


The following are a few people that organize this project. If you need any guidance, they can help you.

Lead Coordinators
James Rellori
Nitrous Oxide

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  • Add cabinet members, Current and pass
  • Pages for Partys history and past party members


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