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To keep a standard style and quality of information within the United Kingdom Armed Forces articles, editors should follow this article's pointers.

Imagery, Logos, Insignia, Icons

Check this article for all official graphical material for usage in UK armed forces articles. If you cannot find what you are looking for, it either does NOT exist, or is in a page not linked to anywhere else. Do NOT upload graphics unless you are sure that they are used by the UK armed forces - this includes material from Wikipedia, which does not represent what the eUK use.

Please do query any member of the defence staff (John F Baker, R.R. Napier, in particular) if you have any questions regarding insignia!

Organizational Information


Exclamation.png Urgent

This page urgently needs an update! This page is very outdated, and the information may no longer be valid.

Again, Check Awards' for all official branches and Check Ranks for organisation of the armed forces. The bottom section displays a full list of functioning branches, and below that, the now unused or "defunct" branches.

Historical & Other Information

For information on previous events etc, make use of the search function on the wiki. If it does not reveal EXACTLY what you want to know, contact any member of military command - do not input information you are not sure about!

Layout of Articles

We need to keep a set format for pages relating to the armed forces. Therefore:

Template Articles

ENSURE you follow the information higher up in THIS article, to prevent mal-information. This includes


Add every new UK armed forces article to these categories:

This will help us keep track of the articles related to the UK Armed Forces!

To Do

Military Officer citizen pages. See Rawdon, Hazz or George Norfolk as an example.