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Do the following in order of Priority & if there is nothing unassigned to you, do anything unassigned.

Medium Priority

  • jamesw's wiki needs to be fixed. If someone can do so please write it here. - Abdecian

If you take on yourself a job, write that here so you won't be interrupted

Big Projects

  • King Stephen I Art Gallery article needs finishing quite badly - it's only 10% done.

Ongoing Projects


These are 5 miniute jobs each, but need to be done on or around the date listed below.

5th Guide 14th Guide 24th Guide
5th May 2010 14th May 2010


  • Portal:United_Kingdom needs a quick update and possibly a way to get the front page stuff working okay to cycle images.
  • History of the United Kingdom should probs be done whenever possible. Although many of us will need inserts for the history of the UK so fill in from recent history.

Low priority


Archived Tasks