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Mentor List

The following is an alphabetical list of our mentors.

  • Mentees - If you are looking for a mentor and want to choose one from the list, make sure the mentor is accepting mentees and contact them in the preferred way
  • Mentors - Please keep this list alphabetical and change your status as needed.

Exclamation.png Urgent

This page urgently needs an update! This page is very outdated, and the information may no longer be valid.
Name Language Wiki Experience Status How to Contact Notes
Abedecian English Many years Away Talk Page or email I am more of an engineer and organisation kinda editor rather than just pure content. If you have a problem give me a bell and I will most likely be able to show you how to solve it.
Citizen 6 English Wikified for years Away Talk Page or in-game email I'm a content editor, though do have engineer status. Mostly a War editor, though also heavy on the History topics as well. Member of the WPMillogo.png eRepublik Military WikiProject. Also working on a broader project for in-game Ambassadors from every country. If you are interested in either, just let me know.
Conor English At least a year Away User Talk Page About a year ago, I began to edit, and collaborate with other wiki users. I liked it a lot, and began to edit more and more pages. I feel an expert at editing know, and I also know a bit of hypertext markup language.
Daniel Dimow English,Bulgarian,German Over 1 year Accepting Mentees User Talk Page I am one of the wiki engineers , and I like to add style to pages and etc. I'm also allowed to edit templates, if you've translated something and you want to see it in action > pick me.I haven't got knowledge as these two here^ have , but I'm sure I can help with basic information , and maybe more :3
John F Baker English, and a sprinkle of French. Over 3 years Away User Talk Page or Ingame PM, or on Rizon server IRC - John_Baker I feel I've got pretty excellent knowledge of wikicoding, styling and parser usage (for templates). Ontop of that, I've been here for a long while, so I have a pretty good knowledge of the eRep Wiki specifics which I think a new editor would find useful to know. Either way, gimme a bell on IRC or here and I'd be happy to help with any wiki (or other) query :)
Khebit English, Spanish, a bit of French Like 9 months Here and accepting mentees Talk Page / Ingame PM I obviously don't know a 1% of what others know (though I know the basics: templates, CP, a bit of codes), but if you are Spanish/French speaker, maybe I can help you :D
Mikhail Alexander English Over 3 years Available User Talk Page or message me in-game I am a Wiki Administrator, Uber Editor and Engineer on this Wiki. I know the basics in the wiki, using Templates, Using simple html code, etc. I update a lot of pages daily and I'm willing to help anyone who asks me to help them, if I am unable to work/be cooperative, I will try my best to do anything I can!
Timeoin English Over 1 year Away User Talk Page I am one of the Uber Editors on this Wiki. I am experienced in showing new users the basics of how to use the wiki, showing them some of the little tricks that I have learnt in my time here. I can also show users how to go about getting help (if I cannot help them myself) when it is needed.
Q J Lincoln English Over 1 year Away User Talk Page I am one of the wiki sysops. Most of my work recently has been on more administrative type activities because of this. I am experienced in writing/editing, the policies and procedures of the wiki, and who to contact when help is needed.