Adrien de Gerlache, junior

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Adrien de Gerlache, junior


Unknown Person.jpg
Nationality Flag-Belgium.jpg Belgian
Date of birth Day 1,381 of the New World
Residence Flanders
Sex male
Newspaper Tierra
Military rank Icon rank Private.png Private
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Books.jpg This page contains fictional information. (What's this?)

From Equator to Pole

Even from an early age, it was clear the young Adrien de Gerlache had not just inherited the name of his famous forefather, but also the sense for adventure and exploration. Although he excelled as a specialist in many scientific fields such as geography, biology and glaciology, the quiet pace of an academic career did never appeal to the young man.

Working with established scientific players such as the KBIN, the KMDA and National Geographic Society, he endeavoured to gather the necessary funds for a circumglobal scientific expedition.

In his early thirties now, he is without doubt one of Belgium's most famous explorers, who has taken the name of de Gerlache into the twenty-first century.


For Flag and Country

Now, Adrien has returned to the mothercountry and has become a proud eBelgian. He brings his talents and skills to this fine eCountry and will explore a new aspect of eLife in eBelgium: that of science. His name, charisma and natural leadership quickly gathered enough funds for the Terra-project. Terra is a science hub: it combines all Belgian centres of learning, such as museums, universities and libraries. It's goal is twofold: gathering new knowledge and sharing it with the public.

Terra will gather all the fragmented knowledge on eLife today and collect it all in one, single place, with access for everyone. It invites eCitizens to actively participate and expand the base of knowledge we possess. When knowledge is power, global knowledge is global power.