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   national rank=5|
   national rank=5|

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Anon Bliss

29 Message

Unknown Person.jpg
Nationality Flag-Japan.jpg Japanese
National rank 5
Date of birth 480
Residence where i laid down to rest
Newspaper Anti Speak News
Congressman 6x
Military rank Icon rank Supreme Marshal.png Supreme Marshal
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Early History

Started out my eLife in Kinki japan while Akki was under his first set of presidential elections with a slow eLife of humble origins. I began by just living, working, and training to gain strength and help out in ejapan just a simple two clicker at the time with nothing really going for me. I didnt even know if this game was even worth staying in there was nothing for me to really do other than just read peoples articles. Had little clue as to of where to go other than that this game was getting quite boring if nothing happened in this game other than clicking and watching numbers go ever so slowely up.

When the Game Finally Started to get Interesting

After gaining in levels and experience I went along with my life and eventually joined a political party ,the fifth ranked party at the time, the Tequilla Fitness Club while it was under the reigns of Originel.el, InfernoSD, and Angrr I was asked by Angrr to run for congress so my first time I ran under the banner of TFC in ,the than controlled, Geosangnam-Do. My first run was unsuccesful but I didn't falter I ran again the next election and got in, I was a TFC member and in congress. It was fun at the time but there really wasnt much to do at that time either other than try and improve the economy and to make eJapan a haven for people to come and hace social fun and to try and stop eventual trys at PTOing the country. During that time i also gained good friends that stayed in the game for the most part such as Oraizan, Tohru, Walorm, Geno Garon, and others that at the time were influencial and alot of fun to have around mainly because at the time we were bent more on the country and its survival and than we were at trying to expand and gain might in the world. After several times of being in congress I decided it was enough i was fed up with politics which was the first Kyushu Incident (we let eIndonesia move through kyushu to take down america and go after hawaii we were put under great pressure to allow them to move throught there were those of us that didnt like the idea wed would rather have fought to the end that let this happen but we eventually let them go through for 2 Q5 hospitals and a Q5 defense system after the land swap eJapan was divided on that we made a mistake and should have fought towards the end than letting them move through our country. ) At that time I had decided to travel about for a while i explored eRussia, eChina, eUK amongst several others but i still felt home sick for the country that i was from i still talked to some there and went on the forums to see what was happening at about this time and i cant remember if it was this time or later but when eNK was made into the world but shortly after it was made and flooded with people eRussia was starting on its war path towards taking over eNK. when eNK was conquered alot of people decided to move over to eJapan during this time the country changed for both the better and the worse we as a country grew yes but became less open minded as more people came and brought with them and ideology that was diffrent than the one i had and at the time a good group of the older and influencal players had. but i eventually came back at this time as well

with my return to the country and seeing its new face i had learned a good deal in my travels on was that food is always cheap in japan and that war is not always what a country needs to keep going but a comradarie towardsa common goal be it war or preservation but this was also a time for dima in ejapan with the recent influx of a large group of new people the job supply was small and the food was scarce but non the less we persevered through and made it work we grew even larger as a counrty playing a good point in political roll and showing the world that we existed and we mattered.

while we at the time were still in PEACE GC we were helping create someting of a regional alliance called SOL and also at this time the continent of sounth america was being made which was a major thing since the only other country there at the time was brazil a major contender to be a super power in the world with the creation of SOL the asiann areas were felt to be more secure from outside threats but it was not true in SOL was countries unified by area but not of ideology (which lead to its demiss later on) well around this time was a war a very big war a world war the encompesed the entire eWorld and to us that know of it it was when america was almost completly destroyed us a a country (this is the reason i left eJapan and politics all together for a long while)

well after having left than returned i had some real life things pop up that wouldnt allow me to continue playing for a while Such as having joined the navy and going through basic training during this time i left my account in the good hands of a friend Darshu who took good care of my citizen and during this time things happened in eJapan that im still am unaware of that changed the country forever by us having less activity and less people in which to keep us safe from outside influences and creating some internal fun

well after having returned to the game i was highly inavtive by logging in and two clicking something thats not as easy as it used to be i stayed in eJapan before traveling the eWorld again by visiting countries such as eAustria, eGermany, and eLithuania and the countries around there i didnt stay in them for long just a day or so in each one (excpet for eAustria they were fighting to get some of there original regions back and i had some good friends to keep me company) and also helped with running a couple of companies with friends from across the globe made wuite a bit of gold in it this was also the time in which ePoland was starting to get big in the game after all of that i returned to my homeland of eJapan to live there for the rest of my time waiting and bidding my time for eIceland to appear

As of mow im in Congress again after a year of being politically inactive i have started again and things are to say the least very intresting and with us being a small natin theres always something around to do that will pass the time

work in progress

send me a message so i can keep it updated and to add some stuff i might have forgotten