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Dead citizen


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Unknown Person.jpg
Nationality Flag-Iran.jpg Iranian
National rank 123
Date of birth Day 740
Residence Razavi Khorasan
Sex Male
Political party Democratic Liberal Party
Newspaper Golden Tribune
Editor of Golden Tribune
Congress Member of Iran
January – Febuary (2011)
October – November (2010)
May –
Military unit Iran
Military rank Icon rank Lt Colonel*.png Lt Colonel*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Bg-fullemployee.gif Alishabgard is a citizen of Iran Flag-Iran.jpg , He was born on Day 740 and start the game on day 753 of the New World Date.png

Politic activity.pngPolitics

Alishabgard is Party_member.png member of Democratic Liberal Party ,He was Congress Member 50‎

He was Party President of Rastakhiz party too.

Daily tasks 250px

Alishabgard always does his train 60px with 200% booster !

Military icon normal.png Military

Icon rank Colonel.png Colonel Alishabgard is one of top 95 Soldier of Iran Army .

in 10th of febuary 2011 he won his first Battle Hero Medal!Icon achievement Battle Hero on.gif

File:Mu.pngHe is a member of Persian Army File:140f6969d5213fd0ece03148e62e461e medium.jpg

Alishabgard in 4s :)


Gold.png Business

Alishabgard owned ShabGard Irons Company .

Logo Name Quality Type Location
Default Company.gif ShabGard Irons File:366216stars.gif [[File:|30px|link=1]] 20px Iron
Default Company.gif ShabGard Grains File:366977stars.gif [[File:|30px|link=1]] 20px Grain
Default Company.gif ShabGard Irons II File:406578stars.gif [[File:|30px|link=1]] 20px Iron



He finished the following missions :

Basic missions
Mission01.png Mission02.png Mission03.png Mission04.png Mission05.png Mission06.png Mission07.png Icon mission super soldier.png Icon mission society builder.png
El Dorado missions
Icon mission find el dorado preparation.png Mission11.png Icon mission find el dorado the search.png Icon mission find el dorado now or never.png Icon mission la resistance.png Icon mission true mercenary I.png
eRepublik Anniversary missions
Icon mission erepublik anniversary the war.png Icon mission erepublik anniversary staying fit.png Icon mission erepublik anniversary the challenge.png
Winter holidays missions
Icon mission winter holidays preparing.png Icon mission winter holidays going on vacation.png Icon mission winter holidays the guardian.png Icon mission winter holidays returning home with gifts.png
Icon mission true patriot.png Icon mission champions breakfast.png Icon mission tales of bravery.png Icon mission role model.png Icon mission special bonus health.png Icon mission special training.png Icon mission hit and go.png


Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif Hard Worker (x13) Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif Congress member (x3) Icon achievement Country President off.gif Country President (0x) Icon achievement Media Mogul off.gif Media Mogul (x0)
Icon achievement Battle Hero on.gif Battle Hero (x2)
Icon achievement Campaign Hero off.gif Campaign Hero(0x) Icon achievement Resistance Hero off.gif Resistance Hero (0x) Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif Super Soldier (x11) Icon achievement Society Builder on.gif Society Builder (x1) File:Party president stb.jpg Party president (x1)
File:PEACE medal.jpg PEACE Member
Citizen of Iran
File:Phnx by par30web.jpg PHOENIX Member
Citizen of :