Australian Independent Party

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Australian Independents

General Information
Country Flag-Australia.jpg Australia
Abbreviation AI
Forum [1]
Colors Blue, Red and White
Founded February 2009
President H.Nelson
Members 77
Congress Occupancy 9/10 seats, 90%
Orientation Center
Ideology Libertarian

The Australian Independents (2009- ) is the largest political party in Australia. It currently has 9 seats in the Senate and has been one of the most active parties in the nations history. It prides itself on being free from ideological conflict and hierarchical domination. It emphasis a membership first approach.


For a full history of the party please visit our History Page


For the full set of policies of the party please visit our Policies Page

Election Status

Icon position party president.gif Party President

55px]] H.Nelson December 2011 - Present
Party-Australian Independents.jpg Past Party Presidents February 2009 - Present

Icon - Congress.jpg Congress

Bg-employee.gif Bg-fullemployee.gifBg-fullemployee.gifBg-fullemployee.gifBg-fullemployee.gifBg-fullemployee.gifBg-fullemployee.gifBg-fullemployee.gifBg-fullemployee.gifBg-fullemployee.gifBg-fullemployee.gif 9 (24.32%)
Party-Australian Independents.jpg Congress Members December 2011

Icon position country president.gif Country President

Party-Australian Independents.jpg Past Presidents February 2009 - Present


The Australian Independents has always been a key part of the Australian Government. It has shaped the country right from the very start and helped it prosper throughout the nations history, producing a significant amount of Presidents, Ministers and Congress Members.


There is currently one Australian Independents cabinet member.

Coat-Australia.png Current AI Cabinet Members
55px Rincewind Waylander Minister for Immigration, Citizenship and Security