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Unknown Person.jpg
Nationality Flag-Malaysia.jpg Malay
National rank 39
Date of birth 25 of March 2009
Residence Peninsular Malaysia
Political party Democratic People's Party
President of Malaysia
6 September 2009 – 5 November 2009
Preceded by Nagyzee
Succeeded by SetsunaX
Military unit Tentera Darat Malaysia
Military rank Icon rank General.png General
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Badlands17 is arguably one of the most temperamental [?]Hoosiers in all of eMalaysia. Aside from getting things done in his own way [?]Badland17 was also the former president of eMalaysia.

Badlands17's As Malaysian President

Badlands17's run for the presidency

Badlands17 was getting sick of the occurances going on in eMalaysia so he decided to to take it into his own hands and run for president.[?]

During his campaign badlands17 made several important campaign promises. As well as saying quote "I don't care who you are" Policy, philosophy, and platitudes

Badlands17 is supportive of the minorities

One of of the things that Badlands17 wanted to accomplish as president was to better represent the minority parties and the eThai population. Badlands17 is quoted as saying in one of his campaign message quote "I will get at least one minority party member and one more eThai to join my cabinet if elected" Policy, philosophy, and platitudes

Badlands17's economic plans

Badlands17 wanted to have a sort of laissez-faire economy. He was quoted as saying "..we should collectively point and say "haha!".." Policy, philosophy, and platitudes

In one of his campaign newspapers he was quoted as saying "I don't have much... (time for your shit) vote for me.." Badlands destination for the presidency

The final stretch

In the final stretch of the of the election badlands17 did not loosen his grip. In another article he is quoted as saying "If you have any doubts... (we'll have issues)" The home stretch

Badlands17's presidency

Several people have had critical views of Badlands17's presidency. Some haters have even gone as far as saying that his presidency was a very inactive time. [?]Badland17 obviously didn't have time for that.[?]


Badlands17 is currently employed by Kabir Bedi wood. He has recieved 9 Hard Worker achievement medals so far in his eLifetime.

Malaysian Congress

Badlands17 has been elected as a representative of the Malaysian Congress on 6 previous occasions.


Badlands17 owns the newspaper Brethren of eRepublik, which currently has 32 subscriptions to it.