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This page has been saved as memories from the Beta version.
The information here is not the current latest information! Do not use this page to gain information!

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{{One:Product_(Template)/English | name= Houses | image= Wellness-icon-house.gif | q1_production_cost= | q1_bonus= +1% Wellness daily | q2_production_cost= | q2_bonus= +2% Wellness daily | q3_production_cost= | q3_bonus= +3% Wellness daily | q4_production_cost= | q4_bonus= +4% Wellness daily | q5_production_cost= | q5_bonus= +5% Wellness daily }}

If you are the owner of a house, your wellness will increase x points per day ( where x represents the quality of the house that you own )

House tax exists and you may have to pay tax for your house which is every month.
The amount you pay is the decision of your towns mayor.
When you want to pay tax you go to your profile where your house is.

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