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This page has been saved as memories from the Beta version.
The information here is not the current latest information! Do not use this page to gain information!

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The profile page is standard for each Citizen, however, when filled with personal information it becomes unique for each eRepublik inhabitant.

When accessing other eRepublik citizen’s profile, you will find the same information, except for his Inventory and Accounts. Also, you can send him a friendship request, a message, offer a gift, or donate some money. Attention: do not abuse the “Send message” feature as this will be considered Spam and can trigger your account suspension. When you add another citizen as a friend, you will be informed about his activity directly in your profile. You can donate an eRepublik citizen only the currencies for which you have accounts.

General info

General information is displayed on top.

  • Your "avatar" (your representative picture) is placed on the left. Below the avatar section, you have the option to “Edit Profile” and “Change location”.
  • When viewing another user’s Profile Page, you will have under his avatar the options to “Send message”, “Add/ Remove friend”, “Offer gift”, and if you own a company, you will also have the option to “Propose a job”.
  • Information such as name, gender, user’s actual location and his birth date in the New World is available in the middle section.
  • The wellness status is displayed on the right side; also, you can find out if the user has or not a house.
  • If the user hasn’t got a house, the box will be gray and will display the message “No house”;
  • If the user owns a house, the box will be light blue, contain a house icon and will have displayed its quality (1, 2, 3, 4).

About section

This feature can be found on the right side of the avatar, next to the location (city and country), date of becoming an eRepublik citizen.

  • If you are logged on your account, you have the “About me” section. This contains a short description about yourself, and is filled by accessing the “Edit profile” link (here, besides filling in your representative description, you can update your profile and upload your picture to make your eRepublik presence more personalized). Remember that “Name” and “E-mail” is private information, while “Gender” and “About me” are public.
  • When viewing another user’s profile, check out his/her “About me” to get an idea of what sort of person he/she is. Some descriptions might be funny, some warrior, some expansionist and others may lack description.
  • Citizen's location is chosen on registration, however you can change it by clicking on the "Change location" option (below the avatar). You will need moving tickets in your inventory (you can buy them from Marketplace) and consider that your wellness may decrease or increase depending of the quality of your moving ticket (see wellness page).
    Attention: before moving to another country, you must first resign from your party ownership/membership or your company ownership/job!

Rank and points display

  • Points are accumulated from all the sections. It is the present status, a mirror of the eRepublik activity.
  • The rank is based on each Citizen’s points.

Inventory display

The products found in the inventory are shown in rectangular icons. For each industry, there will be a rectangular icon divided in three sections. The rectangular icon contains:

  • Above, a number that represents the quality of the product from the inventory (eg: Q1 =1; Q2 =2, Q3 =3, Q =4)
  • In the middle, a drawing representative for each product (bread = Food, wrapped present = Gift; gun = Weapons; ticket = Moving Tickets)
  • Bellow, a number that represents the quantity of the products from the inventory.

Accounts display

  • The information about your national currency and Gold account. If you move to another country or if your region is conquered during a war, new accounts will be added, with the national currency of your new residence country. You will still have your previous national accounts.

Friends display

Here are your eRepublik friends, those who have accepted your friendship request. You will have their avatars and names below that. “My profile” page contains only 6 friends. If there are more than 6, you can see the rest of them by clicking “All friends”.

Next, you have details about your activities in eRepublik, with a rank for each type of activity: Social activity – here is the info about your friends’ most recent activities.

Citizen activity

Economical activity

Here are displayed your skills for each domain (food, hospital, housing, media, moving, weapons). These skills increase depending on your activity in that domain.

  • Present economical activity shows what companies you own or which company you work for currently.
  • Past economical activity shows what companies you used to own or which companies you worked for in the past.
  • Donations: here are available the donations that you have send and received so far from other users.

Political activity

  • Present political activity shows the party you last joined and your current position within that party: party member or party president. Administrative positions are also marked, such as Country President or Mayor, including the mandate counting.
  • Past political activity is a summary of the parties you used to be in and the positions you owned.

Military activity

Here are displayed your strength as a soldier, the rank you have obtained so far, fights you have won, lost or draw and awarded distinctions.

Media activity

Here is displayed your eRepublik published newspaper.

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