Bob Boudahili

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Bob Boudahili

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Nationality Flag-USA.jpg American
National rank 479
Date of birth 30.09.2009
Day 680
Residence Alabama, United States
Sex Male
Political party Black Sheep Party
Congress member of USA
Military unit VMA-214 The Black Sheep
Squadron 3rd regiment
Position Captain
Military rank Icon rank God of War**.png God of War**
Aircraft rank Aviator 0.png Aviator

Birth and Two-Click Days

Bob Boudahili was born 09/30/2009 - Day 680 of the New World in Alabama, USA. Not long after that, he followed the advice of an article and contacted the Welcoming Committee and got a moving ticket to Florida, where he started to get more active in the game.

Politics Career

Bob started his politics career in Federalist Party where he stayed for a long time. When Black Sheep Party was created in 2013, not long after, Bob become member of the party and started to be elected in the Congress. Up to this date, he served 33 terms as Congressman.

Military Career

On 11/6/2009, Bob Boudahili was accepted as a trainee in the newly reopened United States Training Corps. He was placed into the 113th Training Platoon under then 2LT KiRyu. On 11/10/2009, he graduated from basic training and was transferred to the 3rd Division of the Training Corps, otherwise known as the Reserve Division.

It is within the 3rd Division that newly graduated Privates, hone their newly acquired military skills. Bob continued to learn about the military and eRepublik until an opportunity presented itself. It came to his attention that in the 1st Division a second training company was was being stood up to handle the ever increasing number of TC applicants. Bob made inquiry to the new 12th Company Executive Officer 1LT Boot1221 about helping out. Within a few days, Bob Boudahili found himself promoted to Sergeant Major of the 121st Platoon under 2LT Gannonus. After serving for a time in this capacity Bob was given the opportunity to stand up the new 123rd Training Platoon as it's lieutenant.

The chance to stand up the 123rd was a great honor to Bob Boudahili. Bob chose qubert18 as his Sergeant Major, and the two of them began running an efficient and effective platoon. After a period of time qubert18 left the USTC to focus on the Federalist Party militia Easy Company. Bob's next SGM was Jamestheman. James and Bob worked together until Bob was promoted to to 1LT as the 12th Company's Executive Officer under the newly promoted Captain Boot1221.

After the promotion of Boot1221 to 1st Division Executive Officer, Bob Boudahili was promoted to Captain and placed in command of the 12th Company. He also served as the 1st Division Operations Officer position.

In March 2010, Bob began the next phase of his career when he transferred to Army Group East, and began as a RECBN recruit. After graduating RECBN, Bob was assigned to the 10th Mountain Division. As a member of the 10th he has served as the Division Executive Officer, Senior Enlisted Adviser as Command Sergeant Major, and Platoon Leader of the 10/3 Spartans. Following Colonel Boot1221's retirement from active duty, Bob was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel in command of the 10th. Following AGE's reorganization to the United States Cavalry, he retained command of the renamed 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment.

Bob later on joined VMA-214 The Black Sheep, where he today serves as a captain of the 3rd regiment.

Military Decorations

-Army Officer Service Ribbon
-Training Corps Officer Service Ribbon
-Training Corps Meritorious Unit Citation
-Training Corps Basic Training Ribbon
-World War III Ribbon
-Frostbite Ivan Ribbon
-Hungary Hungary Hippos Ribbon
-American Campaign in Asia Ribbon
-Operation Deadcoat/FT2:Dover's Revenge Ribbon
-Operation Captain Kangaroo Ribbon

Army Officer Ribbon.png
Training Corps Officer Ribbon.pngTraining Corps Meritorious Unit Citation.pngTC Basic Train Grad Ribbon.pngWWIII Ribbon.pngFrostbite Ivan Ribbon.pngHungary Hungary Hippo.pngAmerican Campaign in Asia.pngDeadcoat.pngOck.png
Military offices
Preceded by
COL boot1221
Commander, 10th (US) Mountain Division 10 Div redesignated 11 Cav Regiment
New office
10 Div redesignated 11 Cav Regiment
Commander, 11th Armoured Cavalry Regiment Succeeded by