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Nationality Flag-Argentina.jpg Argentinian
National rank 48
Date of birth June 30, 2009
Residence Limpopo
Political party Progreso eArgentino
President of Argentina
March 6th 2010 –
Vice president of Argentina
January 5, 2010 – February 5, 2010
Party president of Progreso eArgentino
November 16th, 2009 – December 16th, 2009
Preceded by kurtkbain
Congressman of Argentina
September 26, 2009 – January 25, 2010
Colonel of Argentine Armed Forces
Military unit Argentine Armed Forces
Military rank Icon rank Field Marshal.png Field Marshal
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

candymanson is a citizen of Argentina. He is an active politician and soldier.


As a politician he served several terms in Congress and he become Secretary of Infrastructure of Argentina on October 6, 2009. He's been the Vice president of Argentina beetween January 6th and Febrary 6th, and Party president of Progreso eArgentino, from November 16th to December 16th of 2009. Candymanson is the current President of Argentina.


As a soldier he has a great career in Argentinian military units - a Captain of the 6th Regiment (Bravo Company) since October 15, 2009 on which he suceeded Fernando Martin Prialet and an Instructor of the Military Academy of Argentina also since October 15, 2009. He's currently an ingame General, and holds the offgame official rank of Colonel of the Armed Forces of Argentina.