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Caroline au Marymont

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Unknown Person.jpg
Nationality Flag-Germany.jpg German
National rank 29
Date of birth 19th September 2008
Residence Saarland, Germany
Sex Female
Political party Partia Czcicieli Karoliny
Faith Carolinism
Married to Detharon
(11th of December, 2010 – present)
Newspaper Allo Pologne
Congresswoman of Poland
26 November 2008 – 25 December 2008
Congresswoman of Poland
26 December 2009 – 25 January 2010
Congresswoman of Poland
26 May 2010 – 25 June 2010
Party President of Polska Partia Patriotyczna
15 June 2010 – 15 July 2010
Military unit Germany Elite Forces
Military rank Icon rank Colonel**.png Colonel**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Caroline au Marymont was a member of Polish Operation Group and a commander of The Dragons. She's also a member of leaders' board of Polska Partia Patriotyczna and was party president of Polska Partia Patriotyczna and - for now - the only one, who had gone on holidays and coordinated elections of next party president from her mobile. If she feels a need, she writes to her newspaper, Allo Pologne.

The beginnings

Caroline was born in Paris Isle of France at 19th of September, 2008. In this time ePoland was marked at eWorld Map as eSwedish territory. After Caroline heard about polish colony in eSweden's capital, she immediately decided to move. As the newspapers in this time were free, she wrote her first infamous article about the problem with exchanging the currency. After she with her friend Paulinka has switched on the IRC, they met ePolish people.

File:Caro old.jpg
Caroline's first avatar

ePoland back on the track

ePoland had made an arrangement with eSweden concerning polish region. They were to be freed by resistance force after releasing V1 of eRepublik. The first region to be free was Little Poland, mainly because of sentiments due to Cracov as the earlier capital of real Poland. In this resistance war, which has taken two weeks, Caroline did exactly 52 damage. When the time for the first Congress elections came, she started from Partia Wolnych Ludzi's list and became a Congresswoman with 7 votes.

I wanna have holidays

Due to lack of knowledge concerning eRepublik, Caroline has been quiting and returning to game a lot of times. She mainly worked in Shenici's companies. Their manager regularly was firing her because of her often absence in work. After a longer break from eRepublik, when Caroline returned back, she was in desperate need of work. She met a German player, DKN, and was working in his company. Due to different places of work, she has got different skills instead of 17th level of one.

Travelling around the world

When looking for better paid job, Caroline met DeJoT. He offered her a well-paid job in Canada. She decided to emigrate, mainly because of curiosity. She quickly made friends at eCanada's IRC. Everything was okay, until the time Caroline met daniochas. It occured to her that she knows him outside the game. Daniochas had just started his first company in Lithuania and asked Caroline for working there. She agreed and came to Lithuania with no knowledge of its language.

Raving Rabbids

Around the May, 2009, ePoland opened a war with Latvia! Caroline came to conclusion that it's the time to help eMotherland. Originally she had to stay in Mazovia a few days to fight and return back to eLithuania, but while reading polish press, she found out that Polish Operation Group was recruiting new soldiers. She hadn't had the best strength (around 8) and skill, so she decided to apply to POG, just for fun. But it occured to her, that she was actually recruited to POG. She bid the farewell to her friend and returned to ePoland for a long time.

The rest of the life...

Caroline's avatar before leaving Poland

After being recruited to POG, Caroline's life got more interesting. With Sadix still playing the game, this military group had many different actions. Caroline even once started a Resistance War in Iran. After some time she was proposed to become a member of leaders' board of Polska Partia Patriotyczna in order to change the party. In December 2009, she started to the Congress for the second time and won elections with 31 votes. During the New Year Eve's night she returned to the house in quite a funny state and decided to give some citizenships. Next morning polish press was being flooded with the news of six German players having Polish citizenship. That was the time of Polish Germany, so it's natural that Polish people became angry with Caroline.

Becoming the Hero of eGermany

Caroline has got a few times, when she didn't want to think about eRepublik or play it. In January, 2011, she resigned from Polish Operation Group and a few days later applied to GROM. Application wasn't successful, so she decided to apply to PMTF. She was accepted but soon found out that fighting still doesn't excite her. Then our lovely hero sat and thought for a while. And left ePoland for eGermany - ironically, because one of eGermans accepted by her started a new life in ePoland. At the moment Caroline is a member of German Elite Forces and really likes being in the New World.