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Chris Kettle

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Unknown Person.jpg
Nationality Flag-UK.jpg British
National rank 161
Date of birth Aug 2009, Day 646
Residence London
Sex Male
Political party UKRP
Faith Bobloism
Newspaper The Eastwood Times
Military unit British Armed Forces
Squadron UKRP Hydra
Military rank Icon rank Private.png Supreme Marshal *
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman
Chris Kettle Is a British Bussinessman, Soldier and Journalist born on day 646 of the New world and became active on the UK forums on the 1st October 2009. Chris has lived in London all of his life only traveling abroad on Military operations. Chris has used The Master Cheif from the Halo series, Albert Einstein, Ben Miller and currently and most notably Clint Eastwood as his avatar.


In the early days of Chris Kettle's life he started his military career as an Able Rate in the Royal Navy aboard HMS Cutlass along with many promniment figures such as Tom Morgan. After serving in the Royal Navy with distinction Chris joined the Royal Marines in January 2010 and served in the Royal Marines untill it's merging with the Royal Parachute Regiment into the Special Forces Support Group. Chris also had a brief spell in the old Special Air Service before it was disbanded when he then joined The British Army and served until his near death in late September 2010. After his revival in March 2011 Chris rejoined the British Army and is served in the Kings Regiment untill mid 2011 when he went inactive. On 2nd September 2011 Chris returned to the branch he started his military career in and served on the Queen Anne's Revenge of The Royal Navy untill the Royal Navy was again dispanded. Chris then rejoined the British Army. Chris served in the British Army which by late 2011 had become highly inactive forcing the UK command to take the decision to dissolve the UKAF in favour of private Military Units. On January 2nd 2012 Chris Kettle decided to join the UKRP Hydra, The Military Unit of his political party UKRP Over his Military Career Chris has served his Country countless times and has picked up many Military Decorations.

Textured Navy service.pngTextured Marines Service.pngTextured SFSG service.pngTextured Army service.pngTextured New Army service.pngTextured North atlantic.pngTextured Nordic.pngTextured Second asian.pngTextured New england.pngTextured Western european.pngTextured Great british.pngTextured Ulster.pngTextured Amazon.pngTextured Valhalla.pngTextured East Asian.pngTextured Second great british.pngTextured Second Irish Invasion.png

Crazy Christmas 2011

On the 25th December 2011 Chris Kettle, intoxicated with a variety of alcohlic beverages including beer, wine and sherry self funded his tanking effort and achieved over 6 million damage in the British campaign to retake North East of England. He is reported to have later said; "It was all good untill the morning after when I checked my bank balance..." This moment of madness however did earn Chris his first Battle and Campiagn medal of his elife


Chris Kettle was origionally a BEP member but when it mistiriously got deleted on the 26th January 2010 Chris became a supporter of the UKRP and has been a UKRP member ever since.

Eastwood Industries Logo
  • On Day 1216 Chris formed his Newspaper Fractal Times Later renamed The Eastwood Times.

Congress Chris has twice planned to start his political career and run for congress however stopped just short both times. In September 2011 Chris was set to stand for London in the parlimentary elections however pulled out due to RL issues. Chris also had plans to run for congress in December 2011 unfortuntly the join French-Canadian invasion put a holt to that. Chris has said; "It's been twice now that I have been so close to standing for congress, I intend to try again as soon as the UK is more stable and our borders have been secure, Hopefully it will be third time lucky!"


Chris Kettle is the owner of Eastwood Industries, origionally Fractal Corporation. The current real estate of Eastwood Industries is listed below

Company Name Type Quality
Eastwood Grain Raw materials Quality1.jpg
Eastwood Grain II Raw materials Quality1.jpg
Eastwood Grain III Raw materials Quality1.jpg
Eastwood Iron Raw materials Quality1.jpg
Eastwood Iron II Raw materials Quality1.jpg
Eastwood Iron III Raw materials Quality1.jpg
Eastwood Iron IV Raw materials Quality1.jpg
Eastwood Food Food Quality1.jpg
Eastwood Fruit Raw materials Quality2.jpg
Eastwood Food II Food Quality2.jpg
Eastwood Fish Raw materials Quality3.jpg
Eastwood Aluminium Raw materials Quality3.jpg
Eastwood Saltpeter Raw materials 4stars.gif
Eastwood Saltpeter II Raw materials 4stars.gif
Eastwood Deer Raw materials 5stars.gif
Eastwood Rubber Raw materials 5stars.gif
Eastwood Rubber II Raw materials 5stars.gif
Eastwood Rubber III Raw materials 5stars.gif
Eastwood Armouries Weapon 5stars.gif
Eastwood Armouries II Weapon 5stars.gif
Eastwood Armouries III Weapon 5stars.gif