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Country Administration (later shorten to Administration) is accessible through Community tab on the Main menu and selecting My Country option.

Regular Citizens

This citizen is not an elected official.

If you are not a Country President, a Dictator or a Congress member in your country, you can see the list of law proposals:

  • Name and type of the law
  • When it was proposed
  • Status (accepted, pending, rejected)
  • Link to details of the law

Congress Members

Main article: Congress Member

Clicking on "propose a law" enables a congress member to make the following proposals, of which they can make two (2) per mandate. A congress member can resign from his/her position by clicking the "resign" button.

Icon taxes.gif Change taxes
Note: Can not be lower than 1% and higher than 99% for Import Tax or 25% for VAT or 50% for Income Tax. Raw materials have no VAT.
Icon donation.gif Country donations
Transfer currency from the country's treasury to an organization. During the twenty-four hour voting period the proposed currency due for donation is "frozen" and rendered unusable.
Icon wage.gif Minimum wage
Change the minimum employee salary given by companies. Can not be lower than 0.10 units of local currency.
Icon issue.gif Issue money
Take gold from the treasury and replace it as money. Includes paying a transaction tax of which is deducted at a rate of 0.005 gold per 1 unit of money.
Icon impeach.gif.png President Impeachment
Remove the President and replace him with whichever previous presidential candidate received the second-highest vote score. Requires 66% of Congress votes to be passed.
Icon naturalenemy.gif Natural enemy
Members of congress or president can propose neighboring country as their natural enemy. If agreed, a free war will be started with the natural enemy. The prosing country citizens will get +10% bonus while fighting against their natural enemy.


Main article: Country President

Country presidents can propose the following laws:

Icon welcome.gif New welcome message
Changes the message that new citizens receive when they register. Message can't be longer than 1500 characters. BBCode and HTML supported.
Icon political accept default.png Mutual Protection Pact
Signs a Mutual Protection Pact with another country. Both countries must accept the law and pay 10000 local currency. The money will be taken from their treasury. Alliance will last for 30 days. If there already is an alliance, the current Mutual Protection Pact will be extended for 30 days.
Icon hospital.gif Buy constructions
Buys a Hospital or Defense system from market and places it to selected region. Money for buying will be taken from country treasury.
Icon-war.png Declare war
Declares war to another country. Declaration costs Icon-gold.gif 200 GOLD + 10% * number of citizens able to fight in attackers country (has at least 10 EP).
Icon embargo.gif Trade embargo
Stops the trade between two nations for 30 days.
Icon peace.png Peace proposal
Ends war between two countries. A sum of gold can be demanded from another country upon signing peace.
Icon-war.png Airstrike
Proposes a non-neighbourhood country as a target for an Airstrike.

Presidents can propose Natural enemy too, just like congress members.


Main article: Dictator

Dictators have practically all the power in the country. They can single-handedly pass any law. There are only 2 laws the Dictators cannot start: a law for changing the new citizen message and a law for impeaching the President.

The Dictator can initiate any other laws and he/she will be the only one voting in them. 24 hours is still required for a law to pass. This 24 hour rule is kept in order to maintain a balance in the game and to avoid breaking game mechanics such as mutual protection pact laws.

While the President and congressmen don’t officially lose their positions, they are powerless as long as the Dictator is ruling the country. The congressmen and the President cannot propose or vote any laws, or give out citizenship. The President also loses all the control in wars, campaigns etc. In short, their roles and positions are purely cosmetic.

New elections are held normally, but no gold is awarded for the elected congressmen or Presidents.

How Laws Are Voted

For every proposed law, there will be a Debate link for the Congress members/President/Dictator to specify a discussion area.

Like stated before, the Congress Members can propose only 2 laws in a mandate, while the Presidents/Dictators can propose an unlimited number of laws.

If the law's voting process has not been finished, the same type of law can not be proposed.

The voting process period for each law is 24 hours. Exception to this rule has been added on the end of September 2010 when Buy Constructions was declared special law - In these cases, the President can propose multiple laws in parallel. A second buy construction law can be proposed in the same time, but it costs Gold to propose it and its voting period lasts for one hour. If the voting period of the second one is finished, another special one (costs Gold, voting time of one hour) can be proposed.

In order for a law to pass, the majority of votes must be in-favor (in case of a tie, the law is considered to be rejected), even if only one vote has been expressed.

An exception is the President Impeachment law, that requires 66% in-favor votes out of the expressed votes.

The President can also vote the proposed laws. So, basically, the President and the Congress Members can vote once for each proposed law, but the laws that they can propose are different.

Since Day 3,979, a timestamp was added in the page of each law, denoting the exact time that law was proposed.[1]

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  1. Natural Enemy Law Clarifications