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Darko Rora

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Unknown Person.jpg
Nationality Flag-Croatia.jpg Croatian
National rank 33
Date of birth Oct 24, 2009
Residence Slavonia Croatia
Sex male
Political party eHrvatska Stranka Prava
Newspaper Veteran
Sabor of Slavonia
Military unit CRO FOX
Squadron 1st Regiment
Position zapovjednik
Military rank Icon rank God of War.png God of War
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Pleter dvobojni2.jpg

Darko Rora

Pleter dvobojni2.jpg]]

Date of birth

24. 10. 2009.

- 704. The New World
  - 42 level (1600)- 41 level (1575) - 40 level (1555)- 39 level (1535) - 38 level (1516)- 37 level (1498) - 36 level (1478) - 35 level(1460) - 34 level (1439) -  33 level (1420) - 32 level (1399) - 31 level (1377) - 30 level (1354) - 29 level (1320) 


Pleter dvobojni2.jpg

In game activity Darko Rora


Darko Rora is best known for creating avatars. Since the game eRepublik made ​​them over 1000 In addition to creating avatars is also involved in creating the design for the newspaper. Currently more than 50 newspapers using his design. Here are some of the works:

Avatars made ​​by Darko Rora

And all the other avatars on the site are the work of Darko Rora.

The design of the newspaper

This is an example of design newspapers drafted Darko Rora. The complete design of the newspaper consists of: avatars, banners, separators and vote banner.





Vote banner


Pleter dvobojni2.jpg


Avatar newspapers Veteran

Darko Rora write and edit newspapers Veteran. Through them, the water and runs projects for the benefit Hrvatske, publishes tutorials for new players, a critical overview of society, promote development and design avatars newspapers ... Newspapers have over 2000 subscribers from around the world. Generally subscribe to the newspaper you will not regret it. Read the newspaper Veteran!

Media Mogul X 2
Icon achievement Media Mogul on.gif

Pleter dvobojni2.jpg


Rora Darko led the three organizations in their closure. These are: dragovoljac, CRO tank and Cro Fox.

Avatar organizations dragovoljac

The organization is open to the opening of training us for the baby. Once there were five training companies (of 8) in this organization, which were financed with money only may Darko Rore. These were companies: Burger Cro, Cro Wings, Cro Ear, Teddy Bear and CRO SA-XD.

Avatar organizations CRO tenk

At this organizations were located once two training company for the baby: Glock & Roll and Project X. Gold for raising RW North Dalmatia were collected by these organizations. RW was raised 4.8. And Knin was liberated 5.8.

Avatar organizations CRO Fox

At present there are organizations once training company of baby Pink Panther (one of 8). Organizations was created with the aim to become the seat of the Special Unit CRO FOX. The project was never realized in full.

Pleter dvobojni2.jpg

Military Career

Military career in the Croatian Army launched Darko Rora as a member of 6 sq.'s Fire lizards. But soon he meets conditions for promotion, at the request exceeds the 7 Guards Brigade. Although less than 100 days of playing FM stations, and thus obtains conditions for the Association for the transition remains a member of 7th GB. Sometime later during the occupation Hrvatske however briefly crosses into the Association for serving as the Deputy Commander 1sq alliance. Croatian army, leaving the official entry into the Croatian Parliament, because he then demanded that the practice can not be a member of the armed forces, if you're a congressman. Darko Rora, although no longer a member of the Croatian Army is participating in military actions, together with other members of the Army.

Founder and commander MU CRO FOX.



Rank:Icon rank World Class Force***.pngWorld Class Force*** (1606) - World Class Force** (1561) - World Class Force* (1531) - World Class Force (1499)- National Force***(1477) - National Force**(1445) - National Force*(1426) - National Force(1412) - Supreme Marshal*** (1397) - Supreme Marshal** (1382) - Supreme Marshal* (1369) - Supreme Marshal (1358)- Field Marshal*** (1349) - Field Marshal** (1339) - Field Marshal* (1324) - Field Marshal (1316) - General*** (1307) - General** (1292) - General* (1265) - General (1225)

Strength: + 11750


Military medals

Pleter dvobojni2.jpg

Super Soldier

File:Ss.jpg X 42

They told people: "Only?". The constant translation skills Darko Rora is here significantly damaged. It should have 3-4 more SS medals.

Pleter dvobojni2.jpg

Campain Hero

File:Ch55555.jpg X 1

The first CH medals 1422 days in Japan, Kyushu province. Over 2.5 million dmg.

Pleter dvobojni2.jpg

Battle Hero

File:Bhtztuz.jpg X 21

The first medal BH Darko Rora took freeing Northwest Croatia. It is to eRepublik 972 days. With the help of a small and courageous team Darko Rora string is 143 Hungarians and 104 took the field. That day, a team of 30 civilians led Darko Rora smashed a Hungarian army of 300 soldiers to sleep. The Hungarians came to help the Serbian tanks which were also broken. Unfortunately Northwestern Croatia is not exempt because the command of the Army has not recognized the opportunity to retain as Darko Rora and the team won, but unsuccessfully tried to move in Slavonia with the initial field.

He later won medals BH are not important to him.

10 BH medals 27th January 2011. 1.164 days eRepublik.

11 BH medals 04th June, 2011. 1.292 days eRepublik.

12 BH medals 12th October 2011. 1.422 days eRepublik.

13 BH medals 12th October 2011. 1.422 days eRepublik.

14 BH medals won the 2nd November 2011. 1.442 days eRepublik.

15 BH medals won the 11 November 2011. 1.452 days eRepublik.

16 BH medals won the 11 November 2011. 1.473 days eRepublik.

17 BH medals won the 11 November 2011. 1.509 days eRepublik.

18 BH medals won the 11 November 2011. 1.513 days eRepublik.

19 BH medals won 1.555 days eRepublik.

Pleter dvobojni2.jpg

Resistance Hero

File:Rw.jpg X 1

This is a medal favorite Darko Rora. He won it when he 4.8.2010. he built a Resistance War in North Dalmatia. It was the time when Croatia was deleted and had only two free regions. People are different because of fraud have lost confidence in the War Fund and the National Bank, there was no donation. Morale was low. Many players planned to leave the game. Seeing Darko Rora action starts collecting gold. Donations were collected in the Cro tank organization. Overall there are about 130 gold, and raising the RW cost is 169 gold. To RW was erected on the time difference, which almost got made ​​a bbb_kambelovac. The former president Hrvatske like other politicians opposed the raising of RW on the pretext that make it easier TO for eSerbs. Taking all the arguments for and against Darko Rora sails in raising RW. Collects a strong team that he helped organize and implement RW comprising: Borkan, Roby Petric, Cro-Ronin, Razz-VU, bbb_kambelovac, legica ... The aim was to relieve RW Knin 5.8 on Victory Day and raise morale. This has been done.

Later, the time showed that there was any attempt TO by the Serbs.

Pleter dvobojni2.jpg


File:Mcm.jpg X 6

First mercenary medals 1369 days.

Another mercenary medals 1397 days.

Third mercenary medals 1426 days.

Four mercenary medals 1471 days.

Five mercenary medals 1529 days.

Six mercenary medals 1589 days.

Pleter dvobojni2.jpg

Political Career

As in real life Darko Rora is initially in the game was apolitical. After some time he decides to engage in political life Croatia. At the beginning of his political career in the Croatian Party of Rights (Hrvatska stranka prava - HSP), which at that time numbered over 1100 members, believing that the best way to contribute to the common good and to oprobao and this aspect of the game. However visibly disappointed with the behavior of the party leadership and the knowledge that the HSP all but the strongest and best organized party in Croatia after more than a month left the party.

Subsequently withdrawn for a time from political life. He later participated in the founding parties are Free Croatia ( Slobodna Hrvatska). One of the initiators and founders of the party concept, but do not assume any significant role in the newly founded party.

As unique as the party of ideas Hrvata not long survive the invitation of the President of the Croatian Democratic Party (HDS) is connected to the same. As a representative of HDS in Congress does three terms in a row arguing for the benefit of all. After that, do not run next month to kick off their mission. The Congress re-enters the next election. Does a fourth term, and then comes out of CCS.

Goes into opposition, and he writes sharp criticism of the current government in his newspaper. Often because of this gets FP, because his opponents are trying to silence all the way.

After he entered the HNF to support a team of enthusiasts who believe that they can make a difference in Croatia. Although not fully support their program with their membership in the party and designs, and some advice given to them without any support ambitions for a political career. By chance he became president of the party because the old president got ban, and in that time, Darko Rora was a member of the party with the most experience points. Leading the party a few days until a new president.

Currently Darko Rora is not in any party.

Party president

Party president X 1

File:Party president stb.jpg

Icon position party president.gif Icon-Croatia.png 38x38px Party president: 1241 - 1245
Croatia. Party: Hrvatski Nacionalni Front

President of the Croatian National Front (Hrvatski nacionalni front - HNF) becoming accidentally 1241 day. After the former party chairman Osvetnik Bleiburga got ban. As Darko Rora at that time was a member with the highest level in the party automatically became party chairman. The duty was performed two days of the first term until the new election is not selected a new president.

For the new chairman was elected anteaa who won the elections (1243 days) unopposed Sexy Traktor with 16:0, but for the bug Darko Rora remains for a second term on the President and the HNF-1245th the day.

Altogether he served as president of the Croatian National Front 4 days.

Congressional medal

Member of congress X 8

Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif

Icon - Congress.jpg Icon-Croatia.png 38x38px Član kongresa: Rujan 2010
Slavonia, Croatia. Stranka: Hrvatska Demokratska Stranka
Icon - Congress.jpg Icon-Croatia.png 38x38px Član kongresa: Listopad 2010
Slavonia, Croatia. Stranka: Hrvatska Demokratska Stranka
Icon - Congress.jpg Icon-Croatia.png 38x38px Član kongresa: Studeni 2010
Slavonia, Croatia. Stranka: Hrvatska Demokratska Stranka
Icon - Congress.jpg Icon-Croatia.png 38x38px Član kongresa: Siječanj 2011
Slavonia, Croatia. Stranka: Hrvatska Demokratska Stranka
Icon - Congress.jpg Icon-Croatia.png 38x38px Član kongresa: Prosinac 2011
Slavonia, Croatia. Stranka: Hrvatska Stranka Prava
Icon - Congress.jpg Icon-Croatia.png 38x38px Član kongresa: Travanj 2012
Burgenland, Croatia. Stranka: Hrvatska Stranka Prava
Icon - Congress.jpg Icon-Croatia.png 38x38px Član kongresa: lipanj 2012
Burgenland, Croatia. Stranka: Hrvatska Stranka Prava
Icon - Congress.jpg Icon-Croatia.png 38x38px Član kongresa: Srpanj 2012
Burgenland, Croatia. Stranka: Hrvatska Demokratska Stranka

Pleter dvobojni2.jpg

Business career

Companies owned by Darko Rora

Darko Rora currently has 9 companies. These are the companies: Wings of Storm, Picnic, The Forge, Cro Dog, Dolly B, Pamela A, Red Sonja, Billie J, and how-how.

Export licenses for Egypt and Bosnia.

Q4 (1226) (Q3 - 1219) Wings of Storm the company manufactures weapons. This company used to be called Wings of Storm and was the first and for a time the only company in the q5 Croatia that produced Q5 helicopters. The company is located in Northwest Croatia for full time occupation Croatia it worked 60-80 Hungars florints per day. Manufactured q5 helicopters opreman the alliance. The company Wings of Storm, and now Wings of Storm emerged from the Gift Teddy Bear Company. The company Wings of Storm Darko Rora was knocked to the Q5 to Q1 in order to have gold to release Croatia when Croatia occupied. All the obtained gold spend in Slavonia.

Q1 company picnic grain products. Opening of 1179 days.

Q1 Kovacnica company produces iron. Opening of 1182 days.

Q3 company Cro Dog bread products. Opening of 1195 days. 1223 raised to date Q2.1227 raised to Q3.

Dolly B Q1 company produces iron. Opening of 1197 days.

Q1 Pamela A company produces corn. Purchased 1203 days.

Q1 of Red Sonja produced iron. Opening of 1224 days.

Q1 of Red Sonja produced iron. Opening of 1228 days.

Q1 How-how a company produces corn (iron migrated from 1266). Opening of 1240 days.

All companies produce raw materials, food and weapons for personal use Darko Rora. What has been spent to divide.

Avatar tvrtke Krila oluje

Avatar tvrtke Piknik
Avatar tvrtke Kovacnica

Avatar tvrtke Cro Dog
Avatar tvrtke Dolly B
Avatar tvrtke Pamela A
Avatar tvrtke Red Sonja

Avatar tvrtke Billie J

Avatar tvrtke how-how

Ime tvrtke Vrsta Lokacija Kvaliteta Izvozna licenca Vlasnik
Krila oluje oružje Croatia 4 Egipat Da
Piknik žito Croatia 1 Egipat Da
Kovacnica željezo Croatia 1 Egipat Da
Cro Dog hrana Croatia 3 Egipat Da
Dolly B željezo Croatia 1 Egipat Da
Pamela A žito Croatia 1 Egipat Da
Red Sonja željezo Croatia 1 Egipat Da
Billie J željezo Croatia 1 Egipat Da
how-how željezo Croatia 1 Egipat Da

Pleter dvobojni2.jpg

Former company Darko Rora

Rora Darko had 8 training company for the baby. He opened them and ran his own money. Week is spent HRK 1,000 for wages and raw materials. Companies are financed earned gold making avatars. Each company had 10 employees that the baby was also a mentor. This project has been terminated before the introduction of V2, because it no longer made ​​sense because of the invasion of multicam. Companies have sold all but one received a gold gift company Taddy Bear was built on the Q5. In the company made ​​to the introduction of V2 Q5 is more than 300 helicopters which were later used in the defense and liberation eHrvatske.

Q1 company Cro Burger produced food. It is a newly acquired company continues the tradition of the old company, which once had Darko Rora, therefore, retained the old name and avatar. Purchased 1165 days. Sold 1223 days to raise another company (Cro Dog) in Q2.

1226 days Darko Rora has sold 5 Land Company (John horseshoes, Bubamara, Anvil, Bloody Mary and the Green Planet) in order to collect gold that could raise the quality of the firm Simpson storm with Q3 to Q4 and Cro Dog from Q2 to Q3.

1265 days Darko Rora has sold four land companies (Silver Horseshoe, Golden Bell, Cro Wheat and Golden Horseshoe) in order to collect Gold for a larger warehouse.

Avatar company Cro Burger
Avatar company Glock & Roll
Avatar company CRO Wings

Avatar company CRO Burger
Avatar company CRO SA-XD
Avatar company Teddy Bear

Avatar company CRO Ear
Avatar company Pink Phanter
Avatar company Projekt X
Avatar company Nakovanj

Avatar company Ivanova potkova
Avatar company Krvava Meri
Avatar company Bubamara
Avatar company Zeleni planet
Avatar company Suzy F
Avatar company Cro Wheat

Avatar company Srebrna potkova

Avatar company Zlatna potkova
Avatar company Zlatno zvono
Name company Type Lokacija Kvaliteta Izvozna licenca Vlasnik
Glock & Roll Wep Croatia 3 Ne Ne
CRO Burger Food Croatia 3 Ne Ne
Projekt X Wep Croatia 2 Ne Ne
CRO SA-XD Wep Croatia 1 Ne Ne
Pink Panther Daimond Canada 2 Croatia Ne
CRO Ear Grain Croatia 2 Ne Ne
CRO Wings Ticket Croatia 1 Ne Ne
Taddy Bear Gift Croatia 1 Ne Ne
Cro Burger hrana Croatia 1 Egipat Ne
Nakovanj željezo Croatia 1 Egipat Ne
Ivanova potkova željezo Croatia 1 Egipat Ne
Zeleni planet žito Croatia 1 Egipat Ne
Bubamara željezo Croatia 1 Egipat Ne
Krvava Meri željezo Croatia 1 Egipat Ne
Suzy F željezo Croatia 1 Egipat Ne
Cro Wheat žito Croatia 1 Egipat Ne
Srebrna potkova željezo Croatia 1 Egipat Ne
Zlatna potkova željezo Croatia 1 Egipat Ne
Zlatno zvono željezo Croatia 1 Egipat Ne

Pleter dvobojni2.jpg

In Game medals in possession Darko Rora

Icon achievement Freedom Fighter off.gif
Freedom Fighter (x0)
Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif
Hard Worker (x29)
Last awarded: Day 1705
Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif
Congress Member (x8)
Last awarded: Day 1709
Icon achievement Country President off.gif
Country President (x0)
Icon achievement Media Mogul on.gif
Media Mogul (x2)
Icon achievement Battle Hero on.gif
Battle Hero (x29)
Last awarded: Day 1708
Icon achievement Sky Hero off.gif
Sky Hero (x0)
Icon achievement Campaign Hero on.gif
Campaign Hero (x1)
Last awarded: Day 1422
Icon achievement Resistance Hero on.gif
Resistance Hero (x1)
Last awarded: Day 988
Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif
Super Soldier (x65)
Last awarded: Day 1710
Icon achievement Society Builder on.gif
Society Builder (x1)
Icon achievement Mercenary on.gif
Mercenary (x6)
Last awarded: Day 1529
50/50 Countries
Icon achievement Top Fighter off.gif
Top Fighter (x0)
Icon achievement Top Aviator off.gif
Top Aviator (x0)
Icon achievement True Patriot on.gif
True Patriot (x13)
Last awarded: Day 1710
Icon achievement Prestige Hunter off.gif
Prestige Hunter (x0)
Icon achievement Party President on.gif
Party President* (x1)
for Hrvatski Nacionalni Front
Icon achievement EDEN on.gif
EDEN soldier* (x1)
Icon achievement Wiki on.gif
Wiki Rewards* (x5)
3.2012. Rewards

Pleter dvobojni2.jpg

Completed missions

Basic missions
Mission01.png Mission02.png Mission03.png Mission04.png Mission05.png Mission06.png Mission07.png Mission11.png Icon mission la resistance.png Icon mission super soldier.png Icon mission society builder.png Icon mission true mercenary I.png Icon mission true mercenary II.pngIcon mission harvest time I.pngIcon mission harvest time II.pngIcon mission training time.pngIcon mission rank up your rank.pngIcon mission fighting where needed.pngIcon mission the marketplace.pngIcon mission work with your friends I.png
El Dorado missions
Icon mission find el dorado preparation.png Icon mission find el dorado the search.png Icon mission find el dorado now or never.png
eRepublik Anniversary missions
Icon mission erepublik anniversary the war.png Icon mission erepublik anniversary staying fit.png Icon mission erepublik anniversary the challenge.pngIcon mission its time for a daily reward.png Icon mission train more get stronger.pngIcon mission become a brave soldier.pngIcon mission its time to get a medal.pngIcon mission final assault lets fight.png
Winter holidays missions
Icon mission winter holidays preparing.png Icon mission winter holidays going on vacation.png Icon mission winter holidays the guardian.png Icon mission winter holidays returning home with gifts.png Mission72.png Mission73.png Mission74.png Mission75.png Mission76.png Mission77.png Mission78.png
Mission79.png Mission80.png Mission81.png Mission82.png Mission83.png Mission84.png
Icon mission true patriot.png Icon mission champions breakfast.png Icon mission tales of bravery.png Icon mission role model.png Icon mission special bonus health.png Icon mission special training.png Icon mission defend your land I.png Icon mission defend your land II.png Icon mission defend your land III.pngIcon mission world campaign.pngIcon mission the food factory.pngIcon mission rumors.pngIcon mission armory bazooka.pngIcon mission chapter 1 raw materials.pngIcon mission chapter 2 finished products.pngIcon mission full power ahead.pngIcon mission fight your biggest enemy.pngIcon mission eager to be free.pngIcon mission refill resources I.pngIcon mission offense is the best defense.pngIcon mission food stocks.pngIcon mission weapon stocks.pngIcon mission join the army.pngIcon mission full membership.pngIcon mission your country needs help.pngIcon mission your mission.png

Pleter dvobojni2.jpg


Icon rank Legendary Force.png Legendary Force 26604921 / 31500000



44 96657 / 100000



Icon mission super soldier.png x50 12563 / 12750



Pleter dvobojni2.jpg

Avatars - Darko Rora

Avatars used and uses by Darko Rora

Pleter dvobojni2.jpg