Diarios de la Revolucion

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Diarios de la Revolucion

The Australian Socialist.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Australia.jpg Australia
Owner Mouj
Founded November 2008, California, USA
Subscribers 31 (In 2009)
Articles 57
Content Politics & warsInformer & opinion

Diarios de la Revolucion, better known as The Australian Socialist, started as Inspiration Press, was a socialist-communist newspaper in Australia that focused on wars outside Australia and politics inside and outside Australia. Mouj is the owner and only writer of the newspaper.


Inspiration Press was formed in California, USA, soon after Mouj's birth and lobbied for better fighting in the Australian Resistance Wars. He was not accepted, but was when he moved to Australia and reported on WWII. Later, he changed the name to the Australian Socialist and ultimately into Diarios de la Revolucion.