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Nationality Flag-Estonia.jpg Estonian
National rank 38 (29.05.2009)
Date of birth Day 506 of the New World (09.04.2009 in real life)
Residence Põhja-Eesti
Political party Eesti Liberaalne Erakond
Congressman of Estonia
May 25, 2009 – June 25, 2009
Congressman of Estonia
June 25, 2009 – Present
Military unit Eesti Kaitsevägi
Military rank Icon rank Lieutenant.png Lieutenant
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

E.T.V is politician in Estonia.

Early life

E.T.V as a child
E.T.V was born in Estonia, Põhja-Eesti. Since his early childhood, he was interested in politics.

Political history

E.T.V after he won the elections, in June 25, 2009
E.T.V has been a congressman for two terms in a row, first one in May 25, 2009 to June 25, 2009. Second from June 25, 2009 to next July 25, 2009.

In the first elections, he came second with 30 votes, only left behind by CptRixuu, who won the elections with 41 votes. E.T.V won the second elections by 51 votes.

He is in a Center, Libertarian party, called: Vabadus-Iseseisev Eesti or VIE for short.

Economic history

E.T.V leaving the office with a former employee
In the past, E.T.V has worked for many food companies, like Tallink Food. Currently, he works for a weapon company called Tallink Weapons. He is skilled in the manufacturing industry.