Eagles Militia

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Eagles Militia


Teamwork, honor & pride

General Information
Formation September 2009
Country Flag-USA.jpg USA
Region Mesopotamia
Colors Red, White & Blue
Type Infantry
Total Soldiers 65


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This page urgently needs an update! This page is very outdated, and the information may no longer be valid.


Many citizens in the USA don't have the necessary strength and experience to join some of the elite military groups, yet there are many that still want to be apart of an organization that contributes to the safety and welfare of their country. This is why the Eagles Militia was form by George Barker in September of 2009.


Each member of the militia works at one of the militia owned Weapon manufacturing companies for $2 USD per day. In turn, those workers are giving back half of the weapons they produce that week.

While this concept is simple, it has been revolutionary by allowing its members to quickly advance in rank through providing them with the weapons they need in battle, which would normally be unaffordable at lower levels.

The success of this concept is evidenced by the speed at which its members have advanced. The Eagles started with a Lieutenant being their highest ranked member, but within only 5 months they had multiple Generals and countless Colonels and Captains.

War History

The Eagles have fought in every major USA offensive since its inception, but some notable battles are as follows.


There are various companies owned and operated within the Eagles network. The companies have allowed the group to accumulate a stockpiled of weapons that is arguably the larges stockpile in the country. With this amount of fire power, the group is gaining a reputation of being able to make a big difference in wars.

The current companies within the Eagles network are as follow:


Citizens wishing to join the Eagles Militia should visit their forum at http://s1.zetaboards.com/Eagles_Militia/index/ and post an application.