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Eddy DoubleD

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Unknown Person.jpg
Nationality Flag-Romania.jpg Romanian
National rank 129
Date of birth 20 June 2009
Residence Romania
Sex male
Political party Uniunea Gamerilor Democrati
Faith Atheist
Newspaper http://www.erepublik.com/en/newspaper/black-rose-journal-211591/1
Congressman of Romania
25 November 2009 – 25 December 2009
Congressman of Romania
25 February 2010 – 25 March 2010
Congressman of Romania
25 March 2010 – 25 April 2010
Congressman of Romania
25 April 2010 – 25 May 2010
Congressman of Romania
25 May 2010 – 25 June 2010
Congressman of Romania
25 July 2010 – 25 August 2010
Congressman of Romania
25 August 2010 – 25 September 2010
President of eUniunea Gamerilor Democrati
15 June 2010 – 15 July 2010
Preceded by MrBogdan
Succeeded by Eddy DoubleD
President of eUniunea Gamerilor Democrati
15 July 2010 – 15 August 2010
Preceded by Eddy DoubleD
Succeeded by MrBogdan
Media Minister of Romania
5 March 2010 – 5 April 2010
Served under Alex Craciun
Minister of Labour of Romania
5 June 2010 – 5 July 2010
Served under alpho
vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs of Romania
5 July 2010 – 5 August 2010
Served under Bogdan Sabo
Minister of Labour of Romania
5 August 2010 – 5 September 2010
Served under Victor Petrescu
Congressman of Australia
25 October 2010 – 25 November 2010
Congressman of Australia
25 November 2010 – 25 December 2010
vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs of Romania
5 July 2011 – 5 August 2011
Served under Romansul
Military unit Fortele Speciale Romane
Military rank Icon rank Legendary Force.png Legendary Force
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Early e-life

Eddy DoubleD[[1]] started playing eRepublik on 20 June 2009 in eRomania. He was invited by resita2009[[2]], but he didn't use a refferal link. The beginning was very hard for him and he didn't play every day. But with the help of resita2009[[3]](they knew each other from a romanian forum), Eddy DoubleD[[4]] started to enjoy the game and he became more and more active.

Political life

First big party for Eddy DoubleD was Partidul Managerilor Romani[[5]], actually eManagerilor. With the help of Crazy Man[[6]] and resita2009[[7]], Eddy DoubleD was considered for the first time for an official position in Congress elections. He managed to win in his region, Maramures, with 16 votes[[8]]. After a great success in Congress Elections, PMR was in a bad period and Eddy DoubleD decided to become PMR's president. Even if he was supported by Crazy Man[[9]], Eddy DoubleD lost[[10]] in front of Ochi Reci[[11]]. After an insuccess in Congress Elections where he lost in same region[[12]], Eddy DoubleD decided that it was time to move on.

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