Eesti eVabariigi Erakond

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Estonian Erepublik Party

Party-Eesti eVabariigi Erakond.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Thailand.jpg Thailand
Abbreviation EVE
Founded 2008
Dissolved May 2009
Congress Occupancy 0/40 seats, 0%
Succeeded By Defunct Malaysian Parties

Eesti eVabariigi Erakond (EVE) or the Estonian Erepublik Party, was a political party in Thailand.

Estonian Erepublik Party

Party leader was s33vald. Estonia Erepublik party changed name after when s33vald took over the party again. New name was Eesti eVabariigi Erakond. In EVE, there were also some Latvians. EVE was fourth in size of party members in Thailand.

Party leaders

  1. July.10 - August 6 s33vald (4 votes)
  2. June.18 - July 10 T3rr0r
  3. June.12 - June 18 Jaanus Banaanus Verekaanus III
  4. June.10 - June 12 s33vald (1 vote)
  5. June.3 - June 10 Jaanus Banaanus Verekaanus III
  6. May.10 - June 3 s33vald (4 votes), runner-up: Rannar (1 vote)
  7. Mar.10 - May 10 arvina


Eesti e-Vabariigi Erakond was standing for Independence of Estonia and for rights for Thailand.

  1. Name change
    1. Name change is because we thought that improving and raising Estonian language here is good.
  2. Military
    1. We believe that defending ourselves is good. Maximum strength is good. We want that every citizen train everyday. Also we want that every region have at least Q1 hospital. We should make offer to some hospital companies or create ourselves one and buy all regions at least Q1 hospital. Also signing MPP-s with our neighbors and maybe some other countries.
  3. Economy
    1. We believe in free market. Every general manager have rights to choose and set prices as he thinks. Also we want to make researches and set best taxes so that our economy could shine very well. Also we think that companies should pay little tax in regions. 10 THB – 25 THB. This isn’t very much for one company.
  4. Media
    1. We see, that our government release every week one overview of our country. What is happening in our country and what is our government done this week. Also we want to set up working forum. At the moment, our party members don’t know, what is our working forum.
  5. Society
    1. We believe that all humans have right to say what they think. We think that people of Thailand should be more active in media and even if they are not congressmen, they should have right to participate in congressmen debates and say what they think.
  6. Gifts, prizes, wages
    1. We believe that congressmen and other active members of Thailand have right to get support of country president. Congressmen weekly wage should be around 25 THB-s. This should be good, because this will encourage peoples to be active and they see that their work is seen by other peoples.

Last updated: 15th July 2008