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Nationality Flag-Austria.jpg Austrian
Date of birth 8 April 2009 - Day 505
Date of death 2013
President of Austria
June 06, 2010 – July 05, 2010
Preceded by Rangeley
Succeeded by Penegrin
Minister of Finance of Austria
May 06, 2010 – July 06, 2010
Military rank Icon rank National Force**.png National Force**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Fragreg was a citizen of Austria.

He served as the 26th President of Austria.

Leader of Military unit OmniCorp.

He was an active politician, serving as a Congressman on many occasions and a Minister of Finance in Austria.

He found his peace at the 1966th day of the New World (His account has been suspended and is being deleted at the his/citizen's request)