Fratelli d'eItalia

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Fratelli d'eItalia

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General Information
Country Flag-Italy.jpg Italy
Abbreviation FdEI
Forum [1]
Founded Jan 16th, 2013
(Day 1884 of the New World)
President Delussac
Vice President Reghium
Congress Occupancy 0 /20 seats, 0%
Orientation Libertarian

Fratelli d'eItalia is an Italian political party.
It was founded on January 16th, 2013 (Day 1884 of the New World) by and it's still active.

Fratelli d'eItalia party (Brotherhood of Italy) was founded by Mr Beaver January 16, 2013 and led by Delussac from mid-February until reaching the top spot in Italy.

It supports the ideals of justice, democracy and freedom for the people and points to the liberation of the country.

History of Party Presidents

2014 Party Presidents
Period Party President
January Delussac
February Delussac
March Delussac
April Reghium

History of Logos

120px 120px
16 January 2013 2014