Frente Patriota

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Frente Patriota

General Information
Country Flag-Spain.jpg Spain
Abbreviation FP
Forum Frente Patriota Forum
Colors Red and yellow
Founded December 2010
President Yaguemadrid
Members 18
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Orientation Far-Right
Ideology Autoritarian
Yaguemadrid, founder and current National President of the party

Frente Patriota is a Spanish party that is guided by the Far Right and authoritarianism.

Front Ideology

Expansionism: The expansion is the best method for obtaining resources and enrichment of the Spanish people, also serve to disseminate and enhance the Nation. Expansionism must be the result of more intensive studies, Spanish integrity must not be endangered. Thanks expansionism, eSpain can obtain the resources has not in its original territories: Oil, stone and titanium.

Patriotism: We understand the Spanish patriotism as an element that serves as a union between all the Spanish peolple. Healthy patriotism is not seeking separation or differentiation, but the union of a group of people (in this case Spanish) to lead toward a common goal. That common goal is none other than their own good of ALL Spanish or what is the same, the good of eSpain.

We advocate that healthy patriotism. We want to unite and that sense of unity then that eSpain grows. In Frente Patriota are not against anyone for their ideology. Just pretend that national feeling is above left and right.

Social status: Achieve a social state is an important point for Frente Patriota as one of our values is solidarity. Aid to the newer players would be top priority in order to ensure their stay in the game. This attention as we have said would be the publication of guides, gift giving, and personal coaching, not like today where the IAN is a novice as a shepherd and his sheep, which some make a partisan use.


Unity of all the different families that make up the Spanish nationalism. From FP defend, diffuse, will promote the idea of the unit for which formulas and propose possible ways and try to, time and insist on it, determines that such an idea is assumed to be positive, necessary and essential for each and every one of the groups currently broken Spanish nationalism.

National Military: Black Brigade is the militant body of Frente Patriota. Its mission is to defend national territorial integrity and to support international missions of the Spanish Armed Forces (FFAA españolas). Any member and/or sympathizer may enroll and participate in companies that support and supply arms and food. Defend eSpain over his government.


National President: Yaguemadrid

General Secretary: espanolator

Secretary of International Relations: Dave Rommel

Membership Secretary: Juan Ortega