Globemaster Transport

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Globemaster Transport
Logo of Globemaster Transport
Country Flag-USA.jpg USA
HeadQuarters Ohio
Parent McDonnell Douglas
Founder Eugene Harlot
Workers 10
Quality 1
Industry Manufacturing

Globemaster Transport, owned by McDonnell Douglas, and operated by Eugene Harlot, was founded with the intent of supplying low cost moving tickets to the eUnited States Marines Corps and the American Military in times of conflict. Globemaster Transport is "Marine-powered" in that it employs eUS Marines for high productivity at low cost to supply needed combat equipment. Globemaster maintains business alliances with Sure Shot USA, KANACKAS Oil and other businesses owned and operated by America's war-fighters.

Globemaster derives its name from the McDonnell Douglas, now Boeing, C-17 Globemaster III, the heavy transport of the US Military.

Globemaster Transport is based in Manhattan, Kansas.