Greek Independence Party

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Greek Independence Party

Party-Greek Independence Party.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Greece.jpg Greece
Abbreviation GIP
Colors Blue and white
Founded May 2009
President AntrikosA
Vice President George The Mercifull
Members 295
Congress Occupancy 11/40 seats, 28%
Succeeds Hellenic Popular Coalition
Orientation Center
Ideology Libertarian

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The Greek Independence Party is a political party in Greece.

Icon position party president.gif Party Presidents

Avatar President Term
Unknown Person.jpg Anaxagoras 2009/05
50px Anthonios 2009/06
Myrmidons.jpg Jim Arr 2009/07
50px Constantinos 2009/08
50px Anthonios 2009/09
50px Yiannis and Vasilis balambani 2009/10
50px Jeremy Hutchinson 2009/11
50px Yiannis and Vasilis balambani 2009/12
50px Buck Roger 2010/01
50px Buck Roger 2010/02
50px Ektonosiakos 2010/03
50px Ektonosiakos 2010/04
50px Ektonosiakos 2010/05
50px Makedonissa 2010/06
50px Makedonissa 2010/07
50px Makedonissa 2010/08
50px naron 2010/09
50px naron 2010/10
50px naron 2010/11
50px naron 2010/12
50px ypourgos 2011/01
50px ypourgos 2011/02
50px ypourgos 2011/03
50px ypourgos 2011/04
50px ypourgos 2011/05
50px ypourgos 2011/06
50px MOUFAS 2011/07
50px MOUFAS 2011/08
50px Asterios C 2011/09
50px Asterios C 2011/10
50px Asterios C 2011/11
50px Asterios C 2011/12