Greek Independence Party

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Greek Independence Party

Party-Greek Independence Party.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Greece.jpg Greece
Abbreviation GIP
Colors Blue and white
Founded May 2009
President AntrikosA
Vice President George The Mercifull
Members 202
Congress Occupancy 9/40 seats, 23%
Succeeds Hellenic Popular Coalition
Orientation Center
Ideology Libertarian

The Greek Independence Party (GIP) is one of the oldest active political parties in Greece.

Icon position party president.gif Party Presidents

Avatar President Term
Unknown Person.jpg Anaxagoras 2009/05
50px Anthonios 2009/06
Myrmidons.jpg Jim Arr 2009/07
50px Constantinos 2009/08
50px Anthonios 2009/09
50px Yiannis and Vasilis balambani 2009/10
50px Jeremy Hutchinson 2009/11
50px Yiannis and Vasilis balambani 2009/12
50px Buck Roger 2010/01
50px Buck Roger 2010/02
50px Ektonosiakos 2010/03
50px Ektonosiakos 2010/04
50px Ektonosiakos 2010/05
50px Makedonissa 2010/06
50px Makedonissa 2010/07
50px Makedonissa 2010/08
50px naron 2010/09
50px naron 2010/10
50px naron 2010/11
50px naron 2010/12
Citizen3064159.jpg ypourgos 2011/01
Citizen3064159.jpg ypourgos 2011/02
Citizen3064159.jpg ypourgos 2011/03
Citizen3064159.jpg ypourgos 2011/04
Citizen3064159.jpg ypourgos 2011/05
Citizen3064159.jpg ypourgos 2011/06
50px MOUFAS 2011/07
50px MOUFAS 2011/08
50px Asterios C 2011/09
50px Asterios C 2011/10
50px Asterios C 2011/11
50px Asterios C 2011/12