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What is the change?

From day 1576 at 00:00, the houses from your storage will be replaced by a temporary Health Building that will increase your recoverable health by 50 wellness. You will have this building for a maximum number of 500 days. The days will be calculated according to the number and quality of the houses you have in your storage. However, don't worry - it's just an extra building. If you have bought any wellness building, it will remain in its place.

For how long will I have this building?

To calculate the number of days your health building will have, you need to calculate the wellness given to you by all houses in total, sum up the days and divide it by 50.

  • House q1 gives 10 wellness for 10 days = total 100 wellness
  • House q2 gives 20 wellness for 20 days = total 400 wellness
  • House q3 gives 30 wellness for 30 days = total 900 wellness
  • House q4 gives 40 wellness for 40 days = total 1600 wellness
  • House q5 gives 50 wellness for 50 days = total 2500 wellness


  • If you have a quality 5 house with 50 days left, that house can give you 2500 wellness in total and if you divide it by 50, you will get 50 days for the temporary Health Building.
  • If you have ten quality 5 houses with 49 days left, these houses can give you 24500 wellness in total, and if you divide it by 50, you will get 490 days for the temporary Health Building.
  • If you have one quality 1 house with only 1 day left, that house will give you 10 wellness but the temporary Health Building will be adjusted in your favor to 1 day.
  • If you have two quality 1 houses that can give you 200 wellness, three quality 2 houses that can give you 1200 wellness and four quality 3 houses can give you 3600 wellness. This sums up to a total wellness of 5000 and if you divide by 50, you will get 100 days for Temporary Health Building.