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This page represents an official eRepublik Wiki help page.
This is an administrative page. Please notify Admin when editing this page.


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How to use common templates

Generally speaking, usage instructions can be found in the template page, e.g. {{Party}}.

  1. Find the template you want to use
  2. Read the template page and learn about its usage
  3. Copy the information in the dashed box
  4. Paste the information on your desired page
  5. Fill in the fields as needed. There is no reason to delete fields that you are not using - if there is no information, they won't show up.

Who needs to use them

Everyone! Templates give a sense of unity to the entire wiki. They guide authors in writing articles. Templates also help in categorization and organization.

Common Templates

These are the most used templates in the wiki. The last field shows an example of that template in use. As a note, the examples were chosen because of proper usage of the template. This is not endorsing any party, person, or group.

Page Type Template Example
Citizen Page Template:Citizen/doc *See Tutorial!
Making the Most Out of Your Citizen Page
Company[No longer in use] Template:Company[No longer in use] OH THE IRONY[No longer in use]
Newspaper Template:Newspaper Formerly Yours (complex)
Politicamente Wolontario (simple with translation)
Organization Template:Organization The BEKAG Group
Making the Most Out of Your Organization Page
Party Template:Party Flashback Sweden
Military Unit or Army Template:Military_unit Dacia Immortalis
Region Template:Region Hawaii
Country Template:Country Romania
Alliances Template:Alliance ATLANTIS

Flag templates

Flag Type Template Example
Flag Link Template:FlagLink Flag-Italy.jpg Italy (the name of the country is included)
Small Flag Template:SmFlag Flag-Italy.jpg (just a flag)
"Ball" Flag Link (bold) Template:CountryLink Icon-Italy.png Italy (the name of the country is included in bold)
"Ball" Flag Link Template:FlagBall Icon-Italy.png (just a "ball" flag)


References are important! You can use {{Ref}} to add a reference, or {{ELink}} to add a link. For more information see Reference policy.


Notices tell readers and editors a bit of information about the page. Such as, the page needs translation, is unfinished, is in progress, etc.
To use a notice, type {{notice name}} and the notice should appear on the screen.
This is a collection of common notices.

Template namespaces

All templates are listed and managed in the Template namespace.

Changing/Creating Templates

Templates can be changed but there are restrictions. Past experiences have shown that directly changing the template will go wrong in 99,99% of the cases. To prevent "accidental changes" the main template pages have been protected by the Sysops. Additionally, only a select group of experienced users, called Engineers have the ability to make changes in the template name space.

However, templates, like the Wiki, are open to improvement. If an user wants a change a template, he/she should not create duplicates of the existing templates with small additions or subtractions. Why reinvent the wheel? Instead, the user should propose a change to the main template to the entire community. It is extremely important for the unified style of the Wiki, ease of use, and linkages that changes to templates are done in a controlled and consistent manner. Any prototypes must be done in the user's sandbox.

Common Template Change Process

This process must be followed for the templates listed in the Common Templates section, above, as changes to these templates will affect hundreds of pages.

  1. Make suggestions on the template's talk page


  1. Create changes and test it thoroughly in your sandbox
  2. Contact the Wiki community through the affected template's talk page and leave a note about the proposed change in the Bar
  3. Follow the discussion and voting
  4. If changes are agreed upon, ask one of the Sysops to unprotect the template and make the change

General Template Change Addition Process

Users who are not Engineers, can create templates for the Wiki. However, they must follow this process:

  1. Create the template and test it thoroughly in your sandbox
  2. Contact an Engineer and request that he/she add your template to the template namespace
  3. The Engineer will create the template and it will be ready for use.

Translating templates

How to Translate Templates You can help by translating templates

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