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This page represents an official eRepublik Wiki help page.
This is an administrative page. Please notify Admin when editing this page.


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Welcome all eRepublik Wiki Editors! This page is designed to provide some basic information about the wiki and to serve as a hub for the tools that you will need in the wiki.

The Basics

The eRepublik Wiki is created and administered by users for users. Citizens like youdo everything for the wiki, except create wiki accounts. Like all encyclopedias, the wiki is based on neutral and factual information.

  • We are fairly relaxed as a community, but we have a set of standards, templates, and guides that must be followed. Pages that do not comply will be removed.
  • No one owns pages. Anyone can make changes to a page, this includes citizen pages. We do, however, ask page creators to complete pages.
  • Vandalism of the wiki has grave repercussions and can lead to banning of your wiki account and even bring you Forfeit points. Be careful when reverting, because all users that get involved in edit warring will be blocked.
  • Experimentation is great!... but we ask that you use a Sandbox. This is a location in the user name space, away from the normal wiki traffic. Create your sandbox by creating a page at Special:Mypage/Sandbox. When finished with a sandbox, please clear all content from the page .
  • English is the main language of the wiki - as it is the main language of eRepublik. However we allow for translated pages, there are different guidelines for non-English pages, see Help:Translating Pages for more info.
  • We have a community to help you! Leave a message in the Bar or on one of the Uber Editor's User talk pages.

User Pages vs Citizen Pages

User pages are automatically created when the user account is created. This page is a place to write about your real life self and your Wiki projects. Sometimes you might just want to have a link to your citizen page. Fellow editors can contact you through your user talk page.

  • You can access your user page here: Special:Mypage, and access your user talk page here: Special:Mytalk.
  • DO NOT use a citizen template on your user page.
  • DO NOT make a redirect from your user page to your citizen page (it makes it difficult for people to leave messages for you).

Citizen pages are created by users to describe their "eRepublik selves." This is what the in-game link takes you to. Citizens can list their accomplishments and let others know about what they have done in the game. Creating this page separately from your user page means that other authors will have an easier time linking to your page and won't have to type "User" before your name. For help on creating your citizen page, try the Citizen Page Tutorial.

View the differences here:

Guides to get you started

Guide Summary
Editing Every thing you need to know about creating a page in the eRepublik Wiki.
Style Guide The standards of the wiki.
Citizen Page Tutorial A tutorial to help you write your citizen page.
Tips Some tips from experienced users.
Common templates The most common templates in one place!
Translating Pages The wiki has specific directions on how to create pages that are not in English.
Policies A link to the wiki policies.


  • Check out the pages above (and on the upper right side of the screen).
  • Get used to the way the wiki works by looking through other pages
  • Get working on your citizen page!

Password change

If, for any reason, you wish to change your password (or if you have somehow forgot it):

An automatically generated password will be mailed so you can log on eRepublik Wiki. Afterwards, you can modify your password by accessing my preferences where you will fill in your new one. A notification mail will be sent to you.